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  1. Fuse Box

    yeah, but i think i have it connected to a fuse that has to high of a volt as i say it is a 20 amp, maybe a 15 would do better to prevent shortage. it has been working fine for a month until yesterday. also, where do i get a radio code for my car as i don't seem to have one. the hard wire instructions state its best to connect it to a fuse usually used for audio but i don't want to unplug the fuse in case it asks for a code and i don't have one.
  2. Fuse Box

    Good afternoon I have recently fitted a driving camera to my fiesta style plus and have hard wired it in to my fuse box. The continuous power wire is connected to the cigarette power socket fuse being 20 amp which is of cause supplying continuous power used for parking surveillance and the wire which enables to camera to power up with the ignition is connected to the the windscreen wipers. Got in my car yesterday and the camera wasn't coming on. I later discovered that the cigarette power fuse (with the continuous power wire connected to it for the camera) has blown. I found out by checking if the sat nav would charge and it never. My question is can I use a fuse socket that is not in use for the continuous power wire for my camera. I have bought a box of fuses with different volts to attempt this. Can it be done? Thanks
  3. Alloys - Fiesta

    Yeah I am aware if this. From my understanding the reason why the speedo is out is because the wheel has to turn more when driving and the speedo isn't calibrated for the bugger tyre. I know if have to have this done but would be worth it Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  4. Alloys - Fiesta

    Evening all, I'm back in the market for 16" 17" alloy wheels for my fiesta. I don't mind what condition they are in (not to bad of cause) as I can get them reconditioned. Anyone know of a set of 4 going? At a reasonable price? This is my baby, any ideas of what would look best? I got DRL's and a private plate so far (this photo was taken before I put the plate on) Any advices? Like
  5. Bushes

    yeah I will cheers trouble is I don't want to be repairing something that isn't the problem - I guess it is process of elimination i suppose.
  6. Bushes

    it is really hard to describe the noise if im honest - it is more of a squeak/creek than a bang or a knock. how much roughly to change bushes on a mk7 fiesta??
  7. Private Plates

    When I did mine DVLA still did it at their offices so I got my new tax disc from them when registering .... mine was done in 21/07/2012 so was quite a while ago now
  8. Bushes

    if im honest mate I would not know where to start.....would my car make any noises because currently the rear right hand side of my car is make loud creek/squeeking noises when on uneven road and I am not sure what it is(it sounds like it is coming from the front right hand side all the way to the back but predominantly the rear). the last two days it has got so much louder and getting a bit concerned. it sounds like something is loose or rubbing/hitting on something but I cant explain it thanks
  9. Private Plates

    with regards to the admin fee you are right admin fee is down to the insurer but the insurers I deal with follow the principle I mentioned. DVLA can take a while to register the new vehicle reg so if you change the plate on your car while DVLA are registering the registration to your car then I would recommend you tell the insurer when you change it because the car reg will not match what is on your insurance. it does not matter if DVLA have not registered the registration yet as long as they are in the process when I did mine I went to the DVLA and got the docs signed and then they advised to change the reg ASAP. my registration was not registered for another month when checking all relevant databases.
  10. Bushes

    Evening All, does anyone know how to diagnose worn rear bushes? Thanks all in advance
  11. Private Plates

    I would suggest you notify your insurer the moment you get the plates changed on your vehicle because if the police see you reg and it not show on the Motor Insurance Database then it could put you in some issues. I work in the insurance industry and see this on a daily bases people not notifying the insurer soon enough and don't want you to get caught. usually the principle is if you documents are located via an online portal the usually an admin fee does not apply but if they physically have to send documents out then admin fees do apply.
  12. Drl

    Well I'm not very good at things like that but does it still mean they will come on with the ignition and turn off when it run the lights on and things Where are these wires found. Sorry if I'm asking awkward questions!!!
  13. Drl

    Back last October I had DRLs fitted and as you know they come on when the car is started but I was wondering how I wire them up so they come on with the side lights when I open the car?? Luke
  14. Handbrake Cable

    Hello, can anyone show me a picture of where i find the handbrake cable on a 2009 Fiesta please?? im thinking it is making an noise at the rear of the car, i had a shock changed thinking it was that. it went away a bit but has now come back with all its power!!! i am not going to spend any money on it until it physically goes on me, money is to precious right now to go fixing it when it could be as simple as adjusing the cable :). thanks all Luke
  15. Fiesta Clunk/knock Noise

    Could be a shock absorber like previously said. I had this from my rear right hm shock absorber. Smooth surface ok but rough service made a god awful knock and clunk. Got it replaced and all fine now. Take it back id say