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  1. Happy Birthday mike4369!

  2. Ford Service Disaster

    Have a quiet word with the service manager and explain the facts of life to him then demand a: reimbursement of service charge, b: full engine steam clean c: written guarantee that any failure of ancillary belts within a reasonable time scale will be replaced FOC, if he or she is not compliant contact trading standards from thei garage and then see if that prods them into action. The simple fact of the matter is that you were lucky not to have been travelling at speed and suffer a siezed engine, that would have really sent the bill sky high. Perhaps manufacturers (or owners) should attach a string or something to the filler cap so its plainly obvious to replace it.
  3. Fault Code P0490

    Thanks for the reply. Just did a 40 mile round trip and it lost boost after about 10+ miles, turned engine off and restarted with no further probs(fingers crossed). The service did not include a fuel filter change so that may be first option, also EGR clean, had similar problems with fuel filter on my old Mk3 which affected turbo boost. Will also check piepwork although I don't think it's that.
  4. Fault Code P0490

    Mk4 Mondeo 2.2l TDCi Tit X 2008 Out of the blue my motor is losing boost and garage came up with fault P0490 EGR Control Circuit High and suggested I need a new EGR valve, my handheld tester comes up with P0131 O2 Sensor Low Bank 1 Sensor 1 and P0299 Turbo under boost. When these codes were reset I drove for about 10 miles then same fault - no boost and won't rev over 3k, stop and switch off and all ok for another 10 os so miles, This has only happened since it was serviced (at dealers) and new brake dics and pads fitted other than this nothing has been touched. Any ideas??
  5. EGR Blanking

    All the evidence is inconsistent some say it works others say it causes problems with the ECU so I've come to the conclusion that a good clean now and then and leave it alone is all it takes. Its the driving technique which counts - otherwise get it remapped for what sort of performance you want.
  6. I'll second that sentiment!! However I do wonder if some newbies do any prior research and just post out of idleness? I have been a member of a number of forums and it is the same on them all. Repeated questions are posted and there is a definite lack of "look through the forum fisrt before asking the quetion". On the plus side is the fact that despite all this someone is willing to answer the question without grumbling. I suppose the moral of the tale is "Know your car - buy the book - read the forums. If all this fails then ask.
  7. maf sensor on 2005 tdci mondeo

    Same as my 2004 TDCi 115, its in the pipe from the air filter box.
  8. Do you notice any lack of power, smoke on accelerating or a whosing noise. If so check the pipes form the turbo to the inlet ( mine had a split pipe between intercooler and EGR) causing loss of MPG amongst other probs.
  9. Keys

  10. Instrument Lights

    If you post your query here http://www.fordmondeo.org/forum/showtopic.php?tid/791401/ I'm sure someone will give you an answer
  11. TDCi juddering - please help

    Turned out to be a split in the rubber pipe between the turbo and intercooler quote the mechanic "Its a common fault" once changed the car drives like a dream and is doing more MPG (reduced MPG is another symptom). It is poss to DIY fix The pedal issue turned out to be a red herring and I wasted a lot of time persuing it. edit the pipe in question was between the intercooler and the egr
  12. Keys

    Look on e Bay but make sure you get the right part number (its stamped on the plastic on the inside of the blip where the 2 halves join key end). Once you get a blip the programming is a doddle. Since reading this I've seen a post whith the same problem which turned out to be the battery contcacts in the blip needing to be bent up to make better contact, its unusual for a remote to stop working all of a sudden so a simple check may cure the prob.
  13. TDCi juddering - please help

    Mine has started to do the same but despite cleaning the EGR it has not cured the fault. I have also changed the throttle pedal thinking it may have had a flat spot since I had to depress it about an inch before the revs build , this had no effect, also the juddering starts at the same spot on the pedal whatever gear/speed. Totally confused <_<