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  1. In process to get another second hand cluster. The problem is that i am not sure the new (second hand) won't have the same issue. What do you think? Could someone help me with the letter of the cluster. I found so far ending on GM or GR, but not GS. What is the difference? Can i go with GM or GR or GP versions of the cluster? Thanks
  2. No, it is not his old car. For now i am gonna monitor it for a while and will see what to do after that.
  3. Hi guys, Picked up my car from Ford service yesterday after been there for 2 days. Their conclusion was deffective instrument cluster. I can't belive it yet and more over what new instrument cluster will fix as it comes to be a software issue. I do not know what to do now. Temperature sensor is working fine from what they've checked. Got an offer for new instrument for 650 euro which is a lot. Is there a way to test with second hand cluster? Do i need to adjust the immobiliser only? Here is the part number i got - 4U7T - 10846 - GS or 4M5T - 10849 - GS I have to add one more thing to the problem. The issue can be noticed when the car is static and you just keep the rpm between 2500-3000 rpm. I see the temp gauge is going down and when you release the pedal it is coming back. Could it be something related to the voltage? Any ideas are welcome. Thanks
  4. Guys, Where can i get new ECU/PCM from? I would like to try with different ECU. Thanks
  5. I understand your point, but why LHD in the UK cost more than RHD? Even more than in Europe. How would you comment this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LHD-2006-Ford-Focus-1-6-TDCi-Titanium-LEFT-HAND-DRIVE-/180705692730?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item2a12e60c3a#ht_1758wt_1398
  6. Hi guys, Just wondering if i have any chances to sell my LHD Ford Focus in the UK. It's not now, but whenever the time comes i will make a post. So how is this going to be in the UK? Hard or easy? Here is a pic of the car. 1.8 TDCi Ghia with ESP and some other extras. Only 88k km on the clock.
  7. Hi, Just came back from Ford service. I told them about to check for update, but they could not find anything related under symptoms menu. However i found this thread which is exactly my problem. http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?t=59922 The problem appear only on 1.8 TDCi engine. Could someone point me what update/buletin is, so i can tell my dealer what to search for? I've been told that they will make a request to Ford and will call me back. However i do not know when this will happen. The temp sensor and thermostat are working fine. My ECU/PCM version is this - 4M51-12A650-JN. It is latest version. According to above thread the issue is with overtemping calibration. Anyone that can help me with info? Thanks a lot This is another video with the issue
  8. Hello guys, I have ford focus mk2 1.8 tdci and noticed strange issue with temp gauge. Got the car only for a month and whenever i accelerate the temp goes down. At least this is what i see on the instrument cluster. It does not matter if the engine is hot or cold. What i were able to find is that this is soft issue between temp sensor and the cluster. However does anyone know if there is fix released for that? Do i need to replace instrument cluster? By the way, thermostat was replaced with new one, no change after that. Can i do some kind of calibration? I noticed that this is issue only with that engine - 1.8 TDCi. Here is a video of what i am talking about. Please watch the temp gauge on the dash. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAzVXj60UTc&feature=related Can i do some kind of calibration of that temp sensor??