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  1. Problem with ( europe model) Ford Fusion 1.6 2009 petrol, when car is not moving and pushing Throttle pedal there is cap ( nothing happen area) between 800rpm--1400rpm. RPM goes 800rpm to 1400rpm, this is difficult to explain. After 800rpm throttle pedal moving normally (nothing happen) 1or 2 cm and rpm not rising but suddenly rpm are 1400rpm. This is not happen when car is moving , tested in speed and gear neutral, throttle working like it should be, no cap in rpm . Tested in Ford dealer tester nothing found ( new software installed no help). any idea? sorry my poor english i fron finland :)
  2. i bought new AYFS22CB ( russian made ) plugs, 1,1mm seems to be factory settings, that o.k for me.
  3. So 1,0mm - 1,2mm would be o.k for Duratec, maybe 1,1mm is average.
  4. I going to change spark plug to my Fusion 1.6 Duratec 2009, did anybody have newest information gap size, Haynes says 1,3mm I found this info in internet, yes that is for Zetec engine, but is it possibele that it Applies to Duratec too? "Ford originally specified a plug gap of 1.3mm for the Zetec engine. However, this gap was found in practice to cause problems with coil pack and lead failures. As a result, Ford issued a TSB on this and reduced the gap from 1.3mm to 1.0mm, which appears to have solved the problems which were occurring."
  5. Cleaning Fusion Throttle Body

    I visited to Ford Dealer They plug my Fusion on to the computer, nothing problem found on accelerator pedal or throttle body. Then they tryed to update PCM program with nevest factory-updated software, but it refuse to install. They Asked me to wait for newer update ( That is not yet published in ) Did anybody have similar Experience, with updating.
  6. Cleaning Fusion Throttle Body

    Just cleaned throttle body, and check inside black cover. All gears look o.k and sensors surface looks good ( no carbon dust at all) I did not put grease on gears. 100 000km and gears looks like new. But symptoms are same, nothing change. There was litle valve touch mark on throat (in picture). http://i61.tinypic.com/14vpuyq.jpg Maybe it is accelerator pedal and yes... new pedal needs programming i hate these fly by wire things here is few photos http://i58.tinypic.com/2rdc01j.jpg http://i57.tinypic.com/1zexj42.jpg
  7. Cleaning Fusion Throttle Body

    Thanks :) ..do you know what is throttle body bolt torque Nm? Maybe i remove throttle body and clean it. i have Liqui Moly special cleaner for that. That casket is expensive 29€ here in Finland ( everyting related cars is very expensive here :( ) but maybe it is better to order new one, if origal breaks or something. i hope that i get body out between those inlet pipes.
  8. Normal idle 800rpm but when push cas pedal carefully next step is 1400 rpm. i`m going to clean throttle body and plate. how open ford electric throttle plate, ( ingnition on and push cas pedal not working) Ford dealer have no new casket, so i need to clean it with out removing it.
  9. I can`t find idle speed control valve. Fusion 1.6 , 2009 , bensin, manual. is it possible that there is no idle speed control valve at all. It is not under or outside of the intake manifolt. ----------------------------- Second question what are these tubes inside of the air cleaner hausing? ( i "paint" air flow direction in blue arrows) http://i60.tinypic.com/1znlv7t.jpg http://i58.tinypic.com/dxiv4w.jpg thank you
  10. I would like to know Fusion 2008 1.6 bensin Duratec, spark plug torque? only what i know, that it is between 15Nm-20Nm.
  11. Ford Fusion 1.6 Cambelt Snapped.

    sorry to hear that, have you change cambelt earlier without changing the pulley. How many kilometers driven?
  12. Greetings to you from from Finland i have a problem with heater fan motor, in winter it keep whining sound (squeeks). I would like to put some oil to the motor bearing but ,i do not know where to start heater system disampling. Under dash in Fusion you can´t see any object that even looks motor or part of it. So i need some good advise or some pictures, "blue prints", or something.... Thank you