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  1. Dash Material

    Good find... Had seen that ad myself and was going to give it a go, but the thought of chopping my dash is a complete no-no. Plus my second set of measurements made me doubt whether it was possible to do what I wanted.
  2. Beware !

    Sorry to be no help.... But good luck with the hunt. On my last car I kept loosing money until the rattling of it on the tub under the passenger seat got that bad I couldn't cope. Having pulled out the passenger seat I was met with about £14 in change, a dozen scratch cards (no winners :( ) a Barry White CD and condom packet (looked intact - but wasn't going to find out). All this in a Vauxhall VX220 - which the last two items were pointless items to have in the car.
  3. Engine Warning Light On

    It is definitely the engine warning light and not the battery light by chance? Easy mistake to make as that will not normally register a fault code, just that your battery will slowly drain until the car won't start or just switch itself off mud journey. What engine does your car have as I would suspect that if it was a TDCi (with DPF) a generic code reader wouldn't pick up on a blocked DPF or empty Eloys fluid fault code. I could be talking rubbish though.
  4. Ipod Connection

    The paragraph in the item description is the issue for me... You may need to get Ford to activate the port... So basically you can pay near as damn it £50 for a part that may need to be activated by Ford for £70 most likely. So combined cost could be £120. Not keen myself.
  5. Dash Material

    I take you aren't running the 5cylinder Volvo engine then? Could that be the boost pressure running on a TDCi lump? Not sure what sort of boost a turbo gives on the diesel lumps, but had wondered whether it got close to, or indeed was higher than the turbos on the petrol models. They do look good. Thumbsup
  6. Ipod Connection

    Been looking myself and there seems to be nothing out there for the Sony units or the 6000CD (with Aux button, not CDDJ). Have been eyeing up a few options, but would not include using the stalk controls, but a dedicated controller (on a Parrot MKi92000) or by creating a dash pod for the iPhone to sit in and then somehow wire up a dock to allow me to us the apple remote. All ideas at the moment.
  7. Dash Material

    Eeek.... Not comfortable with hacking parts off the car. Seen a partial solution to the iPhone connectivity issue, with the Parrot MKi9200, but would all depend on whether it can run Music, whilst the multi-tasks and run my sat-nav app. Probably asking a little too much, but is a step in the right direction. Though creating a dash pod would still be something I'd like to try my hands at.
  8. Dash Material

    I had seen something like that on a car in one of the dealerships, but can't see how that could be retrofitted into my car, without having to remove the dash or cutting a huge hole in the top. I am quite happy for someone to point out the obvious and make me look stupid as to how it would be fitted easily...
  9. Dash Material

    What is this "Titanium tray" to which you refer? Google provided no help
  10. Face Plate For Single-Din Stereo

    When you get it finished stick up some pics. Am interested to see what the Focus dash looks like with a single din head unit in. I worry it will look gash, if not it would easy some of my current issues, until a better solution is sorted
  11. Dash Material

    Possibly... But the Ford OEM part looks like a child designed it. :( Sorry to anyone with one, it is only my opinion. This whole idea started after looking at a replacement head unit, with built-in Sat Nav and iPhone connectivity... But I am not quite ready to rinse £500-£1200 on a head unit for a car only costing £7500. I have an iPhone already, I have plenty of wood and fibreglass to make a dash pod so the only real cost would be time, effort and a few cables.
  12. Dash Material

    I have looked at the clips today at Hellfrauds, but not keen. I have seriously been thinking this evening about having an iPhone or Android device built into the 'pod' which then would allow for a multi-function pod that would be near invisible to window-peerers. Also knowing what is possible with apps on android and the iPhone it could make for a really great addition... But it would be the power and line-out feeds that would be the most tricky to hide. I am not going to be cutting or chopping anything on the car, as anything that could compromise the car's warranty is banned. But the most important thing right now is to find some material to cover it with... Without that nowt is going to happen.
  13. Dash Material

    I am considering a little project for my 2008 focus. I want to possible create a binnacle to sit in the recess, where the ST / RS additional gauges sit. Ideally my plan will be to make a very lightweight pod that is finished in the same material as the dash top, to house a Sat Nav / MP3 unit. I spend a significant amount of time in my car (usually about 60-100hrs per month) so fitting and removing a sat nav to the screen everyday (plus the obligatory wiping the screen each night to stop opportunists breaking the window on the hope of finding a sat Nav, after seeing the rings on the glass) is a bit tiring. So I was planning to make a little lightweight unit that could be fixed to the top (like on th ST/RS) that would look like an original fitting. Biggest issue I have is trying to get hold of some material to cover it all with, so does anyone know where I could get some - or something as close to it as possible?
  14. The Bet Headlight Bulbs Named

    Doh... Didn't spot the post date. Chutney.
  15. The Bet Headlight Bulbs Named

    If you want fun, then get out of the hatch market, head along and have a look at a rear-wheel drive car. MX-5s are a good halfway house, or save a little more for an S2000, Z4 , VX220 or Elise. If insurance is an issue, focus on the MX-5 as they are cheap as chips to insure and respectable at the fuel pump. If 2 seats are an issue, disregard all I have said above. If you do go down the Astra Coupe route, go with the 2.2 and search Z22SE. The 2.2 is a cracking engine and with a little tinkering can be made into a barnstormer. 250bhp is easily attainable with a wee mechanical fan, and 300bhp with a little heart surgery - plus this is usable power, rather than lumpy turbo-charged power. ;)