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  1. smax official trouble topic

    HI New to this and need some help/advice. 2006 Smax 2.0tdci titanium. Absolutely love it but recently had problems with starting the car. It turns over reluctantly and then eventually fires, will sometimes need to try twice before it does. Asked ford at last service, but they were not sure, said it could 1 of several things. Then this morning it would start at all. In the end wouldn't even turn over properly. Connected it up to jump start it and bingo eventually it fired. So I have replaced the battery and again wouldn't start, turned over a few times and then would even turn over at all. Jumped it again and it started. Took it for a run to give the battery some juice, got home left it for 15mins. Tried again and at first it would fire, tried again and it wouldn't even turn over, then tried again and eventually it started. Wife has taken it to work, but now just waiting for the call that says it wont start again. Any ideas anyone? Oh and to top it all off it keeps telling me that the ford keycode i have is incorrect on the stereo, wonderful!!!