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  1. I had a problem with my starter motor clicking when engaging and disengaging, i had it replaced and that fixed the starting problem. Later that day my battery warning light began to flicker but when i accellerated it went away. I checked the voltage on my battery whith the engine running and it was only showing 12.05 volts, the following day i checked it and it was showing 11.8 volts. So the alternator is not charging the battery what so ever. Could this be down to the starter motor being slightly more powerful then the original Ford Starter Motor.
  2. Instrument Lights

    Does anyone actually know why the bulbs keep going, my dads had to replace his dashboard bulbs twice now. Could it be an electrical short on the system somewhere ?
  3. Hi there, I own a mk5 1.3L Fiesta Finesse, so far the car has done 91,000 miles and is still going strong, but a week ago my friends timing belt snapped and ruined his engine, i do not wish to go down this road myself. I was wondering if there are any professional mechanics or trainee mechanics who would be able to tell me at what mileage my "timing belt" is due or was due for a change. I received a ton of paperwork with the car when i bought it but i have not been able to find a single invoice for a replacement timing belt so that is why i am asking. I still have not had the opportunity to purchase a Haynes manual, otherwise i would have checked in there first. So any ideas ?
  4. Car Accident

    Hi there, i have recently had a car accident and my MK5 fiesta has been classified by a CAT C writeoff by the insurance company, it requires: Nearside rear wheel Nearside rear tyre Nearside door moulding Nearside rear hub Nearside rear bearing Nearside rear strut Nearside rear shocker New rear beam Nearside rear stub axle 4-point tracking The insurance company have estimated the total repair cost at £1,500, the car is only worth £1,000. The engine and evrything else run perefectly, can anybody think of a good reason not to repair the car and put it back on the road using second hand parts from a scrap yard ?
  5. Indicator Issue

    Ive got a similar issue with my Mk5 fiesta, its got an intermittent indicator fault just like yours. Sometimes when i signal it automatically stops signalling by itself after afew flashes which ever way your signalling. Im taking it to my friend who has the specialist diagnostics machine some time this week, ill let you know what fault it turns up.
  6. ford fiesta heaters

    Just change the heater control valve, it costs £25 brand new from Ford and i guarantee that will fix the problem.
  7. ford fiesta heaters

    Check The Following: Check the coonalt system for any leaks + oil in the system Check the system for any air locks Check the head gasket to see if it is gone or on the way out Check the heater control valve to see if it is faulty If you have checked all of these there is only 1 possibility: The only possibility i can think of is that the heater matrix has gone, it doesnt usually go but it sometimes happens. Its worth buying a new one, as they come with warranty and a second hand one will probably go again.