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  1. I'm very interested in this. I asked my local dealer. They wanted to put a tester on it, but wouldn't guarantee that they could enable it - Of course they want to charge me even if they can't. Morons.
  2. Replacing Mk7 Speakers

    I bought two pairs of JL Audio C3-650. They have a very nice sound. I bought these because I wanted speakers in both front and rear doors and have it installed seamless. This kit allows me to use the speakers as components in front and coaxials in rear, because you can mount the tweeter in the center of the speaker. I haven't gotten around to install them in the rear doors yet, but piece of advice - DO buy some Dynamat or StP to to deaden the doors and panels. I didn't do it yet, and it completely ruins the bass response if you don't. Actually, this investment is probably the best upgrade you can do to your speakers without even upgrading them in the first place. Another note about this kit - If you want to mount the tweeter in the original place (like I did), you need to heavily modify it with a Dremel or something else for chopping up plastics :)
  3. Oh, so that's what I have in mine :)
  4. There's a video of that on the dx site.
  5. I'm not familar with those. Do you have a picture of what they look like? (i'm curious). Technically LED's cannot be dimmed, but my Fiesta fades out the roof light slowly and that actually seem to work somewhat nicely anyway. You can see that it's not made for it, since it's not as "smooth" as it is with a regular bulb, but you probably won't really notice it. I've heard that it shortens the lifetime of the LED's to dim them, so maybe they will wear out rather quickly in my Fiesta - Time will tell :)
  6. I just ordered this from dx.com: http://dx.com/focus-1-8-5w-500-lumen-24x5050-smd-led-car-white-light-bulb-dc-12v-45482 I was tired of the dim light, the standard W5W bulb gave, so I got this - It's REALLY BRIGHT! Fit's perfectly in the W5W socket and holds itself in place. I'm a little unsure which Ford models that does not have this type of roof light, but this should at least fit any Fiesta, Mondeo and Focus that does not come with maplights. Be sure to verify that it's a W5W socket - If it's not, I have seen other variations of similar LED boards on ebay with different socket types.
  7. Sony Dab Stereo

    The white matrix display is installed with all Sony units. It matches the Sony faceplate ;)
  8. Hids On Mk7

    How about getting the Philips X-treme Power bulbs instead? Probably not even comparable with HID's, but at least they are legal, safe and probably (?) the best regular bulbs you can get? Haven't tried them yet, but I probably will.
  9. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    The photo I put up, is the module I ordered from eBay. I was hoping to fit it, but I can't find the cable in my car that is supposed to fit in it.
  10. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    I looked, but I can't find any connectors that will fit the Bluetooth module. Does that mean that I can't fit it, or is it possible that I can just get a cable that will do the job? That box with all the connectors behind the glovebox, is that the car's computer?
  11. Tweeter Size

    I got hold of a tweeter. They are actually quite much larger than I thought. You could probably fit most aftermarket tweeters in it, at least with a little tweaking. The tweeter is 41mm at it's widest point and 31mm deep. This could be a good thread to specify which tweeters are able to fit. I know that my brother has fitted some Magnat in his with some tweaking. I'll try to get the model number. Personally I'd probably go for some MDS, but their tweeters are quite large, and the specs on them are nowhere to be found.
  12. I saw someone mentioning in these forums, that the best thing you can do for sound quality, is getting a JL Cleansweep device to flatten out the frequency response from the headunit. I was very curious about that and as the tech-nut I am , I wanted to see what the fuzz was all about. Yesterday I replaced my factory default headunit to the Sony unit, and did measurements of both of them. My idea was that maybe it would not be nessesary to get a Cleansweep if you upgraded the unit. Here's what I found: Green line is the factory unit, while the red is the Sony. Not much of a difference, so apparently they use the same DSP chip. I tested this using a CD with white noise and recording it to my laptop using a High level/Low level converter. The difference between the highest and lowest point is 10dB if you don't count the high rolloff (which you shouldn't because it's in the inaudible range). So the Cleansweep can give you a flat response. It seems like a good idea, but I thought about it, and maybe there's a reason they add this DSP. Starting out with a flat response is a good starting point, but your room (and especially a car) would have an odd frequency response that you should correct using an EQ. The Cleansweep doesn't offer this ability. If they were smart, they actually supplied a microphone or at least an input for a microphone, so it could correct the DSP according to room response. I might actually buy the Cleansweep and try to make some measurements. If I can get a good microphone, and get an analysis of the room response, I could apply the room response reversed to the pink noise signal calibration, they use, to fool it into correcting, not just the DSP but also the room frequency response. There are some interesting Cleansweep demonstration videos on YouTube. I hope this made sense :) I will update the post with my findings, if I get around to it.
  13. A picture says more than a thousand words :) I recently bought my Fiesta (danish model "Trend" - I think it's pretty much similar to a Zetec). Sockets are there, just underneath the glovebox and similar in the driver side. Popped a (regular) W5W bulb in, and it worked right away. Next step is to find some good coloured LED's for this purpose. Any recommendations?
  14. The panel underneath the glovebox is held in place by two nuts/dewels or whatever they are: Can someone explain how I remove those? I searched but couldn't find anything, so sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere.
  15. Tweeter Size

    Have anyone measured the size of the factory tweeters? That's crucial information, when searching for a speaker upgrade for the MK7 :) Slightly related: I've seen posts of people mentioning a 4+4-speaker setup. Are some Fiesta's fitted with tweeters in the back as well? If that's the case, are there any way to retrofit that?