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  1. Tdci Oil Cooler

    I have a mk3 tdci 130. In recent weeks, I have noticed that the coolant header tank is starting to get a small amount of oil in there. Is this likely to be the oil cooler? If so, has anyone here changed one? Car is now on 116k miles. Any help appreciated.
  2. Ignition Switch

    Has anyone here got any experience of fitting an ignition switch on a MK3 Mondeo? Is it just a simple replacement, or will it have an effect on the immobiliser?
  3. Starting Problem

    But the sweeping dials isn't happening anymore...
  4. Starting Problem

    Yes, starts ok about 95% of the time anyway, without bump or jump start. It generally starts after a few tries anyway, I'm just baffled as to why it sometimes won't turn over, then will on the next turn of the key.
  5. Starting Problem

    My tdci130 (6) has recently had a new clutch kit, dual mass flywheel and starter motor fitted by JTech in Sheffield. I had intermittent problems starting the car afterwards; the engine would try to turn over, but not actually turn. This would repeat many times, and eventually fire up. Occasionally, the dials would do the 'sweep test' whils experiencing these problems. Eventually, it failed altogether, so I got it bump started and took it back to the garage, where they fitted another new starter motor under warranty. A couple of days later, and the car has started doing it again; turn the key, the engine won't turn over. Repeat this a few times, it will eventually start. The sweeping dials is not happening any more. Has anyone got any indication of what I could try next? The garage don't know what the problem could be. I have fitted a new silver calcium battery, cleaned the connections, checked all the earth straps I can find. There is no engine management light showing when the car runs, no flashing glow plug light. Could this be anything to do with the crank or cam sensors? Your advice would be greatly valued!!!
  6. Sweeping Dials Problem

    ***UPDATE*** So, I had the intermitent starting problem, engine would turn over once then no further. Ended up with a new DMF clutch and starter for just under a thousand quid. Hey presto, problem solved. Then it started again, but this time with a twist; try to start the car, the dials would do a full sweep to max, then back to zero. It would repeat this numerous times, then eventally start. Took it back to garage, but the mechanic didn't know what the problem was, and to make matters worse, it wouldn't do it in front of him. He wasn't willing to even try to diagnose without seeing the problem with his own eyes. Fitted a new silver calcium battery, cleaned and checked all connections, still happening intermittently. Eventually, it failed to even turn over, would only start with a bump start. Took it back to him, replaced starter motor under warranty. Says the bearing had collapsed. Has it worked? Watch this space! Hope this may be of some help to anyone out there having similar problems.
  7. Tyres Shredded

    Had exactly the same problem 2 years ago, both front tyres were shredded. Replaced suspension top mounts, bottom arm bushes, and that sorted it.
  8. New DMF, new clutch, new starter motor, new silver calcium battery, another new starter motor

  9. Tdci Glow Plugs

    Thanks guys, the glow plugs must be on a different fuse then.
  10. Cutting Out At 3800 Revs

    I recently had my dual mass flywheel, clutch and starter motor replaced. As soon as I drove out of the garage the engine management light came on. Went back to garage, he plugged it in, fault code was fuel ail pressure low, and he said injector 3 needed replacing. I took it home, turned out a hose from the EGR valve had been torn in half. Replaced it for 70 pence, light went out. Well worth having a close look under bonnet after having work done, you never know.
  11. Tdci Glow Plugs

    This might sound like a stupid question, but if anyone has a MK3 Tdci130, would you have a look in the fusebox next to the battery, and tell me if fuse F3 is present? Apparently, this is the glow plug fuse. However, mine is missing! Strangely, I've had the car for nearly 4 years, and not had any problem starting from cold, apart from the DMF falling to pieces and clogging the starter. Does this fuse actually have anything to do with the glow plugs???
  12. Injector Problem

    My increasingly unreliable mk3 tdci 130 (6) now has another problem; The enginemanagement light is on, had it plugged into diagnostics, and the fault is low fuel rail pressure. After running the full test, it showed that injector 3 was the problem. The car is doing less than 40mpg now, even on the motorway, and on start up the idle is very rough, with lots of grey ish smoke. My question is this: can I just have injector 3 changed and re-coded, or do I need to do all 4? Also, any indication of cost would be appreciated, if any of you have had one replaced recently!
  13. Dreaded Dmf Replacement :(

    I have just had the DMF, clutch kit and starter motor fitted to my estate, which is a 6 speed. It came to £996 for the parts and labour. They charged 4 hours labour at £35/hour, and the parts were supplied by Unipart, with a guarantee. The car sounds very different, the only noise now is my rattly aux belt tesioner and pulley.
  14. Sweeping Dials Problem

    Thanks for the replies. I have fitted a new battery, silver calcium, same rating as the original, and the problem persists. As it is intermittent, the garage I use are unsure what the problem is. I have heard the alternator may be the problem, and would cause the dials to sweep like they are. Going to check the alternator connection as soon as I can. I think it may be something like that, the battery is charging ok and the battery light isn't on when running.
  15. Peoples Reviews On A Ka.

    We have a 52 plate Ka. The engine is extremely reliable, Ford have been using this one for a long time. Wishbones, suspension top mounts and coil springs are common problems, and we've had them all. Also watch for seized spark plugs, very common on these and expensive to sort should the worst happen and you snap one trying to remove it. Don't expect it to be anything special, they do exactly what they were designed for. Not bad to drive, relatively cheap to run, not exactly refined motoring though. Noisey in the cabin, steering quite stiff for a tiny car. If it was me, I'd find a Fiesta for the same money, but just my opinion.