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  1. When I stick my car into reverse, the reverse sensors come on but just do one long beep of about 0.5 seconds, then two very short beeps, and it carries on this way, it no longer senses things. Anyone know where I can get the manual for it so I can find out the problem? I believe it may be one of the sensors, which sounds expensive if I had to get it from ford. The sensors are the ford dealer fit XVision XP340R if that helps. If it'll cost loads to fix then I might just disconnect the system temporarily and buy one of the cheap ones online.
  2. My current focus seems to have have a timing belt change some time in the past, the current belt is a Continental Synchro belt, was that the OEM make? Or would it have been motorcraft/fomoco printed on it?
  3. Slightly Lumpy Idle

    Changed the leads, no change. :( Here's a video of the engine idling, is this normal? You can see it running slightly lumpy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6sLGYP_fKM&feature=youtu.be
  4. Slightly Lumpy Idle

    Just noticed tonight that it seems to wobble up and down from around 720 to 800 rpm when idle using the dash trick to show you real numbers. There's a cut on the boot of one of the plug at the coil pack end, so wondering if I should change those, it seems someone's changed one of the leads before as I have 2 marked as number 1 in the set. Anyone know the price direct from Ford?
  5. Slightly Lumpy Idle

    I've only had the car in warmer weather, got it about 1 month ago.
  6. Slightly Lumpy Idle

    Actually, thinking about it, previously to my 2005 1.6, I had a 2008 1.8, and that felt lumpy too, perhaps it's a ford thing?
  7. Slightly Lumpy Idle

    My 100HP 1.6 litre petrol (2005) seems to be a little bit lumpy on idle, nothing major, but you can feel the inconsistent idle through the floor. Is this normal or maybe is something else wrong? MAF? Ignition leads? It did have the water down the plug hole problem, but that's been fixed and plugs changed.
  8. '05 Focus Spitting / Chugging.. Any Ideas??

    You said the engine light came on, can you tell us the diagnostics codes? You can do the focus dash trick to find them out.
  9. Does anyone know the normal operating temperature of the 1.6 (100PS) focus? I think my thermostat is stuck open, the engine gets to 80ish (2nd line) and stops there, it takes quite a while to get there though, about a 10 min run.
  10. http://www.focusowners.com/home/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1001 here's a fitting guide.
  11. Your Focus

    Ta Da!
  12. Water On Plugs And Leads (Mk2)

    Sounds to me like the same as mine were, brown from halfway down, since changing the washer jets to the revised ones, it's been fine! The original washers didn't have a rubber gasket, the new ones do. Check down the spark plug holes for water, and if there is any, I'd get that soaked up asap using whatever absorbent stuff you can find, then change the washer jets, you may find that your plugs are rusted in though, luckily mine weren't.
  13. Clunk On Braking - Mk2 Focus 1.6 Zetec

    Got it back now, it was the pads, they changed them, now it's fine.
  14. Clunk On Braking - Mk2 Focus 1.6 Zetec

    Mine is currently in with the dealers being fixed now. They think it was the pads rattling. Hope so.