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  1. Drivers Door Lock

    Thnaks for your response appreciate it.. i assume i need to take the whole door panel off ..ill see if i can get hold of sum linkages and let you know .. cheers
  2. Drivers Door Lock

    Hi Hope someone can help... read a few forums on central locking and its possible a mechnaical problem but havnt taken the door panel off yet... basicly the central locking doesnt work as it automaticly unlocks like a clunk clunk sound when depressing the lock button on fob..,, on investigating the drivers door will not lock the whole car using the fob if you lock it manualy the drivers door buttun is very stiff and when locking everything locks OK but you cant get out of the car!! when u r outside you can see the drivers door button does not fully lock when using the fob so thats why it then unlocks as the drivers door is obviosly the main door which the other doors signal off ...can anyone help me please...???? Ive wd40'd the locking buttons and taken teh main handel panel off but havnt taken the main door panel off as not sure what im going to be looking at , I happy to take the door off but would like to know if i can replace the parts myself without !Removed! up the while central locking system the only way i can lock the car is to use the passenger lock from the inside and then using the key to lock drivers side outside...