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  1. Sun blinds for FIESTA ZETEC S RED - HELP

    You should be able to buy a set from your local Ford dealer. Pity you don't live near me as I have set from my MK 7 Fiesta Metal that I don't need.
  2. It's Here.... My Thoughts!

    A very honest opinion, and having owned an ST2 for 12 months, I would agree. For me, it has too many plusses to bother me with the harsher ride quality. Awesome little car ! Liked your review. 👍
  3. Mikeymp3

  4. 2014 Fiesta St Orders

    Hi Dannie, Does seem a long wait. I waited 6 weeks for mine. And yes, the wait is totally worth it. Hope you get it soon and enjoy !
  5. My New St

    I know what you mean. I've had mine about 8 months now and thinking of the upgrade to the MP 215, but would like to see the difference.
  6. My New St

    Are you getting it Mountuned ?
  7. My New St

    Good luck with the new car. You won't be disappointed.
  8. Hey mate The wife had the same issue on her MK7. The water is probably coming in through the bulkhead behind the pedals. It's a known build fault on MK7s. Our main Ford dealer had the car for 2 days, seats removed, carpet removed and dried. Bulkhead reseated, good as new. The repair bill came to £220.00, which she paid but the guy we dealt with said that in his opinion, the wife should'nt have to pay. He emailed Ford Customer Services about the issue and 3 days later the wife received a full refund. Pressure your Ford dealer or follow it up yourself. Good luck
  9. Nice one mate. Do you know if they would be adhesive or screw on ?.
  10. Yeah, shiney black for me too. Me wants 'em.
  11. Not sure if it's illegal, but just fitted one to my Fiesta..... looks great.
  12. Where To Buy Number Plates?

    DMB do quote on their website that the plates are road and MOT legal and do show registered trader stamp.
  13. Where To Buy Number Plates?

    Sounds good. They look very similar.