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  1. Towbar fitment

    Thanks lads, appreciate your help. Thought that would be the case
  2. Towbar fitment

    I'm trying to sell a towbar that I had fitted to my mk2.5 focus. One guy has asked if it would fit his 2008 mondeo. Anyone here be able to shed any light on it for me as don't know Thanks
  3. Boot Stuck Closed

    Just to update, i have the lock problem sorted. As you suggested it was the lock mechanism that had failed. A visit to my local scrappy and a lock from a 2007 focus and we're back in action. Only thing that remains to be done is to cut the old lock apart so that I can get the lower boot plastic trim piece fitted back to the car.
  4. Boot Stuck Closed

    You're a fountain of knowledge lenny, fair play to ya. At least i have a couple of ways to try get it open now and know how to go about it. Typical of this happening and neal egan show in sligo on tomorrow. Will try a scrappy today to see if i can get the few bits required Cheers
  5. Boot Stuck Closed

    How do i get it out though, is there screws holding it in and if they are undone will the boot open? I havent gotten the plastic trim fully off as its still fixed where the two screws are in the grab handles
  6. Boot Stuck Closed

    What does the solenoid look like or where is it located. Pulled the plastic cover from inside the boot to have a look
  7. Boot Stuck Closed

    No wont open with remote or handle 😢
  8. Boot Stuck Closed

    Ok cheers mate, will have to try it over the weekend
  9. Boot Stuck Closed

    Reconnected battery and still no joy. Climbed into boot to see if anything was caught in mechanism but doesnt appear to be anything there
  10. Boot Stuck Closed

    Not that I know of. I just disconnected the battery and will try it in a few mins
  11. Boot Stuck Closed

    Went to my car after work this evening and my boot won't open. At this point I should mention it's a 2008 mk2.5 zetec s. When i press the boot release button i can hear it trying to open but there's something preventing it from opening. Anyone any pointers on what i can do or try to get it open? Thanks in advance
  12. Happy Birthday jgriff!

  13. Irish Meet August 2014/2015

    No never bothered to set one up. May try and do one although there's not a lot to put into one
  14. Irish Meet August 2014/2015

    Id be up for a meet too. Have changed a few things since the last meet but nothing huge