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  1. Hello, back again..... Firstly, many thanks to all the help & advice i was given over the bodykit theft on my gf's Zetec S. Sadly, it has worked out cheaper to go via the insurance company. I was wondering if anyone can help on suggesting an upgraded alarm system, that needs to be quite sensitive, as i don't want the sideskirts stolen when replaced. The standard Ford alarm was of no use. I've heard of brand names such as Viper, Toad & Clifford. My knowledge ends right there. It really needs to detect people near the car, i don't car if it bugs the neighbours.......to be honest when an alarm goes off around here, nobody seems to look anyway. If you have first hand experience such things, please let me know how good or bad these aftermarket alarms are. Cheers, Ryan & Hazel
  2. Fiesta Zetec S Bodykit Stolen!

    All help & comments much appreciated, having seen the pdf of the fitting as posted by Lez, i'm shocked to see how easy it muct have been for the theif to take it. I've been looking around today to find a the replacement parts. Any suggestions? Would prefer original parts, does anyone know where to buy them other than Ford main dealer? May have to go for another alarm, now sick of staying up until early hours of the morning on the off chance the little chav should return! Out of interest i got my girlfriend to get a quote on the car insurance for living in a different area, the difference from the west midalnds, to Gloucestershire was approx £1k saving a year on fully comp insurance. I think a move may be on the cards.....
  3. Fiesta Zetec S Bodykit Stolen!

    Cheers, that's only a few miles away from me. :)
  4. Fiesta Zetec S Bodykit Stolen!

    Will have a look now. Thanks
  5. Fiesta Zetec S Bodykit Stolen!

    Do you have his details? Cheers :)
  6. Fiesta Zetec S Bodykit Stolen!

    Hi, thanks for reply, we're in Rowley Regis, we have the same car as yours model/colour. The link you gave was for the last generation i think? The problem is, do we claim on insurance, or buy it ourselves?????? I've been keeping an eye on ebay incase they were stolen to sell on, although i suspect they were stolen to order. !Removed! annoyed that scum feel the need to damage nice cars the way they do. Also worried they will also take the replacements.
  7. Hello, new here & hope i'm in the correct place. A couple of nights ago my girlfriends (this is her account) '09 was parked outside the house as usual. Then at approx 5am, some thieving chav decided to rip the sideskirts off her car. The police were called, & as much as they would like to have caught the little sod, they couldn't do anything. This will now cost around £700 to buy the trim & paint, so we're clearly annoyed. The qustions i'd like to ask are as following...... 1, Once the new kit is fitted, is there a more secure way of keeping the kit & car together, as it seems it just pops off. 2, Is there a way to make the alarm more sensitive, as i am now awake each night hoping they will return, as i'd like to remove his teeth from his head in a similar fashion that he removed parts from the car. I'd like the alarm to sound should this happen again. Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions :) There is a reward for any information on the little sod that did this.