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  1. Sync 3 update

    Hamster thanks for this, so to clarify: Download appropriate update for the VIN Number. Load to USB Memory Stick. Install Software in car. Then Sync 3 "should" be able to update itself via wifi.
  2. Sync3 Firmware and Nav Updates

    If it was a download then an extraction to a USB stick then Plug and Play without adding/altering files I would be happy. It makes me think that there are many versions of Sync 3 software for individual Ford models that have differing features. At this stage I am not prepared to take a chance on a car costing £40,000.00 plus
  3. Sync3 Firmware and Nav Updates

    Thanks for this James, but to me this method this is just asking for trouble. Sync 3 "Can" (according to FORD) connect to the internet for automatic downloads, so all I should have to do is follow the screen instructions and let nature take its course.
  4. Sync 3 update

    2.56 Gb is a large software update, anyone know what has been fixed, added or buggered up ?
  5. usb

    I should have stated that my Edge is running Sync 3.
  6. Stoplock

    I have a Stop Lock Pro https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B003S51WII/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 which I use when I am staying away from home and it fits the Edge just fine.
  7. usb

    I have used various makes and sizes of USB sticks formatted in various ways and given up and now use a surplus iPod and had no problems with it connected via a USB lead, my music works every time.
  8. A double bed for Ford EDGE?

    All very well and good but, where do you put your luggage & toothbrush.
  9. Climair Wind deflectors

    Check this out http://www.climairuk.com/search.php?mmy_mode=apply&fmake=20&fmodel=2403 Climair Wind Deflectors fit in the window frame, they don't stick to the outside.
  10. Auto Mainbeam

    Thank you for this I will give it a try when I get 5 minutes.
  11. Auto Mainbeam

    I cannot find this setting, a clue please.
  12. Auto Mainbeam

    Am I not right in thinking that the LED headlights dip down rather than to the left like "regular" headlights.
  13. Auto Mainbeam

    So with the Adaptive Lighting being intelligent it presumably also means "No Action" required when driving in Europe on the wrong side of the road.
  14. Sync 3 observations & issues

    I cannot answer, all mine are MP3's
  15. Sync 3 observations & issues

    Sync 3 is driving me nuts. My Sync 3 is version 2.0 but I understand version 2.2 is available in North America. My Sync 3 has real issues with USB Memory Sticks, sometimes they work, sometimes they do not. I have tried 16Gb & 32GB, USB 2 & USB 3 formatted Fat 32 & NTFS. No Issues with embedded Album Art, all showing OK. Used MP3Tag to amend the Artist Name / Album Artist Name issue. Everything else seems OK except once the drivers Heating controls changed the Passengers and visa versa, a Hard Reset solved that problem, I did see on "The Net" that others have had this issue.