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  1. Ford Focus Remote Central Locking

    The only way to correct this is to take it to a ford dealer as it will need to be linked upto WDS which is a computer data reading system to clear all old data and fault code and then reprogrammed with new codes via the system hope that helps Al
  2. Disappointed With My Ford Ka 2010

    With regards to the damage you should really report it at time of collection, as its down to you to inspect the vehicle upon collection or delivery before signing to accept the vehicle, however if you have a good relationship with the sales staff and the dealership if you report it within 48 hours they should goodwill a repair, with regards to the mileage this is not excessive as during pre sale the vehicle will have to be transported around VHC ( vehicle holding center ) on and off car transporters to and around dealership compounds to and from PDI departments and road tests and also assuming that the vehicle has not been MDT'd (transfered in from another dealership ) the acceptable amount of pre delivery milage is approx 120 miles, this may sound excessive but an odd mile or two here and there soon mounts up. I wouldn't be too disapointed as realistically you will probably do more milage within the first two or three days.
  3. Air Con With Roof Down?

    Are you blonde or something?, you already know its not meant to be used with the windows open so what does that tell you? no it is not meant to be used with the roof down AIR CONDITIONING means conditioniing the air INSIDE the car using it with the roof down won't work unless you plannig on trying to cool the whole of the UK, all you will do is add a drain on the engines power output of around 8-10 BHP which just results in wasting fuel by the bucket load watch your fuel gauge drop!! If your that uncomfortable with the sun put the roof up and air con on thats what its for. OR JUST WEAR A HAT !...
  4. Would not even consider a Kuga if you want a 4X4, sold mine after 2 months and done the right thing and bought a new Ford Ranger Thunder gotta say the best vehicle i've ever bought very very economical best mpg so far is 39.7 general use and pulling a 1250kg (heavy ) caravan the lowest i've obtained is 32.2mpg and that aint driving like a !Removed!, very good off road (see my Website ... http://www.blackthunder09.webs.com/ ...just started) excellent for loading, still carries five in comfort and very cheap on tax and insurance in comparison with what vehicles i've had before dont make the mistake I made after having the Ranger I wouldn't buy anything else even my missus drives it so it 's easy to handle even for a bigger vehicle but go for the 2.5 diesel not the 3.0 v6 it ain't worth the extra expense.
  5. Ford Ranger thunder/wildtrack??

    Hi there I bought a new Ranger thunder just before christmas and after weighing up the pros and cons price wise and for practicality the thunder was the best option, it seems that with the wildtrack your paying loads more wedge for the removal of good solid metal and replacing it with cheap plastic and a bit of orange trim round the seats !! wow, not worth it... I have had various other pick ups ie: L200 warrior and a navara for a short while (2 months) and hated them compeared to the thunder its a blinding truck comfortable economical (for a 2.5 D best so far 38.7 mpg) very practical and the absolute dogs do dahs off road goes anywhere with ease. I am personally well pleased with it and would recomend to any one, it will be the best pick up you will buy mate so go for it. Al
  6. New user signing on

    Glad to here theres another thunder owner out there!, gotta agree better than the old 200 by miles, only had mine since mid october and already proved its worth, Have dressed mine up a bit though with sports bars and top light etc, I Have taken it off road and works a treat, Hope you enjoy yours as much, What a quality piece of kit !. Al