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  1. Mk2 Mondeo St220 Estate

    its a st220 but it needs two inside door handels on the rear doors and i can get it for £350 no rust or marks on it so how much can i get for it is it a car to go on fast ford sales mag ??
  2. hi my names luke im 30 years old and drive a mondeo 2.0 lx estate. im a ford fan and have been all my life .i have grone up with ford as my dad was a ford man we have had it all m1 essys rs turbos and my fav a cortina 2.8 pinto estate. the engine come from a toring car he painted it black and it had 16 " peperpots on it with a masive sticker of the reaper on the bonet i loved it. luke

  3. Mk2 Mondeo St220 Estate

    hi i have been given a chance to bye a mk2 v reg mondeo st220 estate with 97k on the clock taxed and m.o.t in silver i was just wondering how much i can sale it for to make a profit the car is very clean . i was told that the car is rear as theres not a lot of them around is that because thay are very good cars or you can find one in every scap yard thanks.........luke
  4. Mondao Probs

    do i use some carb cleaner to clean the valve or is there something else i should get ging
  5. Mondao Probs

    thanks peeps ill check that and get back to you but just so i know can i run the rear plate light to the side lights on the rear if there was something bad or cant find the prob and do you have the pick of were the control valve is pls as iv never had to do one before thanks...... luke
  6. hi i have some probs with my car its a 2001 mondeo estate mk3 ...i was stoped bye the old bill to tell me that my rear plate lights are out and to fix them well i have removed the bulbes and thay are both new so i got some new ones and that dont work (FUSE) and when im driveing and stuck in traffic my reves go up and down but wont stall but this only happens when its up to temp in stop start traffic when i put my foot on the brakes (PLUGS)can enyone help ?????????????
  7. Mk2 Mondeo Rust On Rear Arches

    1.sand or grind patch down and remove all paint and remove all rust if you dont want it to come back that is.. 2.if its rusted right through you will need to weld a panel in place or you can use fiberglass to fill up the hole with some wire mesh ....for a cheep job 3.sand down the fiber glass to shape but sanding it down so you can spread filler over the top so it will be level with the bodywork (metal) not paint 4.once you have done that put your filer on the patch and sand down with 120 paper to knock the top off then 240 to fine it out (ALL BEING LEVEL WITH THE BODYWORK) you will prob have to do this to or three times to get it right !! 5.spray hi build (gray) primer over it about 5ish times to get the build of paint then sand down with wet 2500 paper not sanding through the primer . 6.once this is all done clean all of the area and mask it all up then you will be ready for painting 7.spay the patch ............you must give it as meny coats as it needs to get the right shade 8.remove all overspray then laquer your panel.. once it is all dry then give the side of the car a good t-cut .... hope this helps but only your self can get it right
  8. Dreaded Dmf Replacement :(

    flying cluchman knows wat hes onabout listen to this man if you have any Q .he hellp me out !!!!
  9. Dreaded Dmf Replacement :(

    mate iv just done the clutch on my car but its a petrol 2.0 mk3 iv had the sme Q on here to fined out whats what but have been told if it were a desel the you must change the dmf .. if you go on you tube and tyep in dmf probs then you can have a look to see if yours is the same if not have a look at my DMF post to see if that helps p.s i got a price of £875.00 plus vat for the dmf .clutch and thrust berring fitted..SORRY!!
  10. Ford Escort Xr3I

    id like to see it i had a nice gti thats in my gallery if you want a look and i spent alot on it or heres one of the photos B) i loved it but my family got bigger lol
  11. A Very Confusing Issue

    sounds like the speaker channels are braking down i think
  12. Hi

    hi pete and welcome
  13. Hi All

  14. Hello All

    hi and welcome to the club mate :D
  15. Induction Kit

    fiestas were made for them noises lol