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  1. 1998 Fiesta 1.25 LX Lacking Power

    The thought has definately crossed my mind - been busy as h*ll at work so not had time to ring round, i'll have a look over the weekend. My only concern with doing away with the cat entirely was the possible high emissions and mot fail. One thing your previous suggestion prompted me to do was take a proper look at the exhaust - Ford replaced a blown back box for my mot a few months ago and I did recall the car being a bit sluggish then. I got the spanners out earlier this eve (In the rain lol) and removed it and you never guess what I found - the box was clean, like new :o A bit of prodding with a stick revealed that the baffling (Looks like wire wool to me) was packed in so tight that it broke the stick!!!! I then took the car for a bit of a run (without the rear silencer) and it went like a rocket! This is a brand new Ford rear silencer and I cant believe how restrictive it is - to be honest I think it is defective and I'll be taking it back to Fords tomorrow to see what they think. I reckon there's definately something still blocked in the system but the difference without the box was unbelievable. I will post the results of tomorrows visit as soon as I can. Once again many thanks for your suggestions ikarma.
  2. 1998 Fiesta 1.25 LX Lacking Power

    Thanks for the reply ikarma. I did check to air filter before I got it serviced and it looked ok (Tho I guess you can never tell unless its seriously covered in stuff!) and I tried some redex one-shot (little tiny bottle). Unfortunately it didn't seem to make much difference - tho i'm not sure of the effectiveness of the one-shot compared to the larger size bottles of redex so I may try the advanced stuff over the weekend, and I'll double check the air filter too. Fingers crossed ;)
  3. Firstly a big hello to all the follow ford owners out there! I was wondering if anyone can help with a problem I'm having with my fiesta. I've had the car for a little while now and it seemed ok until I drove another 1.25 (a 2002 model) and I was astonished at how quick that car was compared to mine. I recently took my car for a service (at Fords) and they also confined that it was sluggish (I think the actual word were 'totally gutless'!) The mechanic at Fords reckon that it might be a problem with a blocked cat but I'd rather like to rule out any other problems first before I get the cat changed. The chap also said that it might not solve the problem so obviously I'm a little hesitant to go ahead with it until I've ruled out any other posibilities. I've already had a look at the plugs and replaced them (tho the original ones I took out looked ok) and the HT leads don't look corroded - and the car generally runs fine but as soon as I accelerate (above 3k rpm) the car hesitates badly and really struggles on any sort of hill (eg cruising at 70mph, hit a slight incline and it just drops to around 55-60mph). I don't usually thrash it about the place but I put my foot down on the way back from work tonight and 5k rpm was the limit, and the engine really bogged down. I'd really appreciate any help or info on this as its really baffled me!