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  1. Repair After Someone Tried To Hot-Wire My Car

    Just to wrap up the story. As written in the last post, I had failed to start the car after re-wiring it with the connectors I got off the car in the junkyard. So I called up a garage and asked them to pick up the car, and do whatever was needed to fix it. They called me up the next day, and said they only needed to replace a fuse! They even complimented me on my wiring! Feel a little bit stupid for not having checked the fuse myself, but at that point I had frustrated with it all that I gave up. Still need to replace a bit of plastic that was broken by the thieves, but apart from that it's all as good as new, and I saved alot of money than if had had a garage replace the full wiring loom (though it did take me a long time). Thanks again to those who replied to the original post.
  2. Repair After Someone Tried To Hot-Wire My Car

    Hey guys, Been a long time since I last posted. Been able to try to fix this now, since I was able to go to a breakers in UK during the Christmas holidays and cut off the connectors with some wires from a dead Focus estate in the junkyard. I also managed to get off the PATS ring and the radio controller from this car. Cost 60pounds. Of the wires on the connectors I had cut out of the dead car, and the loose ones in my car that had been pulled out, all the colours matched. On each of these connectors I soldered the loose wires in my car with matching ones from the 'new'connectors'. It was 4 connectors in total: 1. Connector that goes to the left of the steering wheel with the main ignition wires. 2. Connector that goes to the base of the steering wheel (I think this is for the controls on the steering wheel) 3. Connector for the radio control 4. Connector that goes to the PATS ring I thought I was all good to go, but I was wrong. I connected the battery, and turned the key. At the second stage stage of the key turn, no extra lights come on the dash (normally I would expect to see the battery light and the oil light). But the rest of the electrics related to the steering wheel controls do work eg. lights, windscreen wipers, radio etc.. And when using these electrics the corresponding lights do come on on the dash. At the 3rd stage of the key, nothing happens all, no sound from the starter or anything else. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be now? I'm sure all the soldering is good. Here is a list of things I'm thinking it could be: 1. Difference in wire colours between the car I took the connectors from and my own. Mine: 2005 Diesel 1.6 Left Hand Drive Hatch-back. From the breakers: 2005 Diesel 1.6 Right Hand drive Estate.) 2. Damage to cables further down the loom where I cannot see, done by thief when he has been pulling the loom. 3. Something to do with immobilzation or PATS that I don't know about. The PATS ring I have put in is from a different car. (But I would expect some kind of warning light if this was the case) Battery is charged, and starter/engine will be fine. The problem is almost certainly to do with electrics. Anything anyone can think of why it wont start? I'm really hoping there is something I've forgotten, since I'm not sure what else I can do except face the 2500euro asked at the garage. Thanks, Rowan
  3. Repair After Someone Tried To Hot-Wire My Car

    Thanks, indeed that is a bit cheaper that most of the 2nd hands I've seen, and this one seems to be new. But this 6000CD is a 2010 model and looks different to my original one. Do you know if it will fit in my car from 2005? and all of the connectors are the same etc..
  4. Repair After Someone Tried To Hot-Wire My Car

    Thanks alot for all the replies. Insurance company will not do anything as my cover is equivalent to 3rd party in the UK. (I'm British working in Belgium). I feel very stupid now for not paying extra for the theft coverage, but it wasn't something I thought of at the time. Live and learn... I haven't been able to do much til today as I had to take the day off work and arrange with a friend to tow the car back from the garage. After I told the garage I couldn't pay 2500euro for the repair, they put all the damaged stuff in a box, and charged me 90euro for looking at the car. Also had to pay 90euro to replace the conformity document that was was stolen from the car. So now I have the car at home and assessed the damage a bit more. Trying to work out what is what, and where it all goes. Most of the damaged wires run into the unit just behind the steering wheel that carry the signals from the arms (for indicating, control of headlights), some of the damaged wires that have been cut I can easily join back together, but two of the connectors have had their wires ripped out: The first one runs into close to the ignition. Will require a another connector with some excess wire to fix. The second one is on the other side of the steering wheel and the socket is a metal part fixed to the steering column. The wires that go into it are much thicker. The wires have been ripped out of this with the metal parts damaged. Maybe fixable without a replacement part... But what I'm more stumped on is this coil: From what the garage said, I think it is a PATS coil, so I guess it goes close to the key. But I couldn't see where and how it connects to the ignition circuit. If I replace this coil with a new one correctly, will the ignition system still work with my old key, or does the system need to be 'paired'? They also said the airbag coil needs to be replaced, so I'm not sure which one this is, PATS or airbag... So I will try to source the two connectors from a junkyard with some excess wire and join the wires with solder and shrinktube, and get some new coils form Ford. If any advice in the meantime, would be happy to hear!
  5. Repair After Someone Tried To Hot-Wire My Car

    Thanks guys, I find it really great that even though I have never posted on this forum before I can get still get a couple of sincere replies. Well it seems the thieves were not too clued up as you say, although initially when I found the car I thought they might have been. I'm quite sure that the car was locked but I could not see signs of how they got in, maybe something with the remote key? But because you can see on the photo that they used some black ribbon to tie around part of the wiring loom to pull it out and make it accessible, and also that they stole the car documents, presumably to sell on the black market made me think that maybe they were 'professional car thieves'. But when I tried to tidy up the damaged wires to prevent any shorting during transporting the car back to my home town, the horn started going off when two of the cables touched. So perhaps that is why the thieves had to leave in a hurry. Also, they dropped their mobile phone in the car. We gave that to the police, so I'm hoping that maybe they can be caught, but whether the police will follow it that far I don't know. Thanks for the comments Jeebowhite, I will look at the policy and talk more with the insurance company. It's something I didn't think about when choosing my policy... If things aren't successful with the police or the insurance company I will probably go for the route you suggest Artscot79. I'm looking for the wiring configuration on that connector, any idea what is the name of it or where I might find it? The garage have told me another thing they broke was a 'ring for the airbag' that is near to the remote for the stereo on the side of the steering wheel. No idea where to start with that one...
  6. Hello, Last weekend, returning to my 2005 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi after visiting a friend I found that it had been broken into and some people have tried to hot-wire it. It seems they failed as the car hadn't moved, but they left a really big mess and stole all the car documents in the glove box and the radio as well. Here is the main damage: My insurance does not cover the vandalism, so I'm on my own. The car was taken to a Ford garage and they say the work will cost 2500euro. They say the main cable spindle that needs to be replaced is 500euro alone, and the work includes taking the complete dashboard off so is not easy. I don't think I can afford the work at a Ford garage, so will have to try buying 2nd hand parts and doing what I can or in independent garages instead. My questions are: Since the main cable spindle is the most expensive part, and removing the dashboard is an undesirable task, my preferred option would be if I could repair the damaged cable and connector that are still in the car. I'm not sure if the connector itself is broken or not, so I may need to replace that. Is this feasible? Where to find the connector diagram? I am not sure what is the technical name for this cable/connector. Should I expect some difficulties that one man and a toolbox cannot not fix on his own? If anyone has any comments or pointers to useful information it could be a great help. Please let me know if so,