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  1. Dead easy mate, all you need to do is un do the clip that secures the air filter housing to the throttle body (using socket or screw driver). And prise it out of the grommets that hold it in place, there's two at the back ( just above the gear box) and one on the slam panel. Just lift the air filter housing out......Job done.
  2. You don't say where you are, You might get some help if you put you location . The job it's self isn't to difficult ( should take no more than an hour ).
  3. Ok Alan that's great......no i cant make it that weekend due to family commitments.
  4. I wish you luck & hope your claim goes smoothly and quickly.
  5. I can't say to much on here but the method stated is the same method that was used to bypass ford alarms back in the 80's / 90's. Ford REALLY have not moved on or learnt anything car security since then, I think this is truly shocking. By now ford should be using a system were the code generated by the security system / key changes each time the key / entry method is used thus making it impossible to clone. Most other car manufacturers are now using this technology.
  6. Lol.......I can't help it i'm obsessed with cleaning my car :D
  7. Sorry to hear that, I totally sympathise with you ( i lost my dad to cancer in 2007 ). Let me know when you are ready....( no rush ). And i will organise something.
  8. Your welcome, Give mass airflow meter a very gentle clean using carb cleaner. DO NOT put any pressure on the thin wire that runs across it or it will snap.
  9. It's only dangerous if it leaks fluid. It may get better with time.
  10. Its those sort of people that cause a major accident & walk away without a scratch, And innocent party end up in hospital.
  11. I had to recover a crashed car on Saturday, The crash was caused by a road which became very greasy when it rained after a long dry spell . It pays to take extra care when driving on wet roads ( particularly after along dry spell ). The rain mixes with spilt diesel etc & turns bends / roundabouts into ice rinks.
  12. In theory yes it should. I still think a genuine ford coil pack is the best way forward mate. let me know how you get on.
  13. You can get insulated pliers to hold the ht leads with the engine running, I am a fully qualified mechanic but without seeing the car it's difficult to make an accurate diagnosis. But if it was me i would purchase a genuine ford coil pack as pattern / reproduction stuff can a bit iffy on quality.