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  1. 2.0Tdci S-Max Titanium

    Cheers fella, appreciate the quick reply, i will have a play this week and let you know the outcome. Jezza
  2. smax official trouble topic

    Hey up all, have an 06' s-max 2.0 tdci titanium which me and my wife love (and the kids), just started to get a couple of probs starting to appear, first one is the brake bulbs, first the offside stopped working then the nearside gave up the ghost, have replaced both and the offside has blown again! annoying. Fixing planes for a living the bulbs weren't to much off a problem, you do need bendy hands. Second prob is that the MPG has dropped down and i have noticed smoke on hard acceleration, im hopeing its the EGR valve requireing a clean but im not too sure! if any one has any ideas i would appreciate some advice. Thanks Jezza
  3. Hey up everyone,just want some advice/help, my 06 s-max 2.0tdci isn't producing very good mpg and i have noticed a bit of smoke on acceleration, had a bit of a read up on the forums and think it might be the egr valve requiring cleaning, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks