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  1. Mk6 1.4 Zetec Running Rich

    Hi Guys, My 1.4 Fiesta Zetec is running really rich at the moment. I am lucky if I crack 31mpg round town, yet, get 40-41mpg on the motorway... I occasionally get the Engine Managment Light come on, which if you clear with a DTC reader, wont come back on for months on end. Error code seems to signify Lambda Sensor, but I was wondering if anyone else had any other suggestions before I fork out for them? Sean
  2. Fiesta Zetec Wheel

    Hi, I've badly damaged one of my wheels and blown a tyre out earlier tonight... I need a new 5 spoke 15" ford wheel for a mk 6. Does anyone in the midlands have one they would be willing to sell or know where I could get one?!
  3. Tyres...

    Hi, I am soon going to need new tyres on my '03 Zetec and wondered if people had any recommendations? It's still on the St'd 15" 5 Spoke Alloys? Cheers, Sean
  4. Mk 6 Zetec Issues

    Hi, I have a few issues/queries with relation to my MK6 Zetec which I'm hoping some of you might be able to answer; Fuel Economy - The fuel economy on it has dropped off over the last few weeks. When I had the car about 4 months ago, I'd get around 36mpg from it, I'm now lucky if I get 31mpg. I drive it no differently to before Idle - The idle is really rough on it, so much so, it causes the car to shake quite badly. Driver Seat Handle - It apeears I have the same problem as others when the handle on the drivers seat has broken and no longer allows me to fold the seat forward. I'm sure I saw a guide on the internet a while ago about how to sort it but can never find it now If anyone has any ideas or suggestions then let me know! Sean
  5. Help - Pending Speeding Ticket!!!

    Hi there, I had exactly the same issue with my '03 Zetec. Vehicle Speed Sensor is the issue. The can be a real pain to change so get a garage to do it... Took the guys who did mine, three hours to swap it.... Sean
  6. Mk 6 Zetec Coolant Loss Issues

    That is my worry.... Thing is, it has been pressured tested by 2 AA Patrols and the Garage it went to for the bottle and they all say it looses nothing. I don't see how I can be loosing that much coolant and there be no evidence of head gasket leak.... Hence why it got ruled out? How common is HGF on these?
  7. Mk 6 Zetec Coolant Loss Issues

    Thanks for the quick response! Thermostat housing is okay according to the garage who have seen it, it was the first thing they looked at.. I put a new cap on it (purchased from ford) on Saturday morning and it has lost fluid since then... Sean
  8. Hi, I have recently bought a Fiesta Mk 6 Zetec with the 1.4 Duratec Engine. I'd had the car about a week an noticed that the coolant had dropped well below the minimum mark. The AA came out to it and a weekend in a garage later, the car has had a new expansion tank. I've now had the car back a week, done about 350 miles and the coolant level has dropped from above the seam on the bottle, to about 5 mm above minimum. It appears to still be loosing coolant somewhere. I can't see anything and am probably going to get it back into the garage. Before I do, I have a couple of questions: - What is a typical coolant level from peoples experience? - Where could it be leaking from? - I also have a very hesitant idle. Could that be associated? The car is on it's second engine, and I reckon, the second one has done about 20,000 miles from having spoken to the garage that replaced it. I could well be panicing here but something just doesnt seem right to have lost that much coolant so quickly... If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.. Sean