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  1. Where do I find this? I want to reset the service indicator after an oil change. Thank you. Mike
  2. Can anyone point me in the direction of the service schedule for a Mondeo 2l petrol 2011? Would prefer to maintain myself. Thank you. Mike
  3. I would appreciate advice on a Mondeo I bought from a Ford dealer last Friday. 2011 Mondeo Zetec Sport Estate 2l petrol, 5000 miles. Delighted - except oil consumption of 1litre in 300miles. I removed oil filler cap with engine on idle and the gas flow almost blew my hand off - more here than the exhaust! Obviously still under warranty but no idea how long previous owner ran with oil light on. Dealer is taking car back and will rectify. My concern is what else might have been damaged and how do I make sure I get the car I thought I bought? I plan to keep the car long term - having run previous car (Vectra) 13 years and 173k miles (on a petrol). Also what fuel consumption should I get from a normal motorway run? It said 33mpg. I had hoped for better - suppose not helped by the engine fault? Comments much appreciated. Mike