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  1. It's fixed. It it was a blown fuse after all. Can't believe I didn't see it in the heat of the moment. But it starts and runs fine. I did a voltage check and the battery was12.7v so now I can clean up the car and get it sold. it was fuse f20 not sure what it does but it has a picture of a steering wheel on it. Many thanks for for your help. Im glad it was an easy fix. ryan
  2. What fuse would I have blown. I have taken most of them out under the dash with no success. I'm just popping out to buy a multimeter to check the battery and then if that's dead then I'll put it on charge. I can't think about what else it could be?
  3. Unfortunately I don't have a spare key. I have a code reader on order for the Honda jazz for anything in future. I've got a millimeter so I'll use that tomorrow to see what the voltage is like on it. What would stop the immobiliser from working or stop it flashing? Everything works IE wipers radio exterior lights and fans. I wouldn't of thought they would use much power? What else could I try apart from disconnecting the battery? If I do how long for?
  4. Evening all I'm in abit of trouble. I went to part exchange this fiesta in the subjected titled above and went to start it to take it to get new car and went to start the car and NOTHING! Wouldn't even crank. So I thought maybe a light was left on or something so a quick jump start will sort it. Oh no it didn't. So I left my car in the fiesta to try and charge the battery and 15mins later trued cranking and nothing. I've got no interior lights. Radio goes on. Got three lights when you out key in ignition which is oil pressure light, airbag and door open light. The clocks to move or light up. Wipers work. Haven't tried exterior lights. Immobilizer light doesn't flash which is odd. It's like the car is completely dead. The car was driven yesterday which is why I though get maybe a light was left on and flat the battery. I've tried all sorts of fuses to see if any are blown and nothing. Even looked at the bigger ones under the bonnet and nothing there good. I know how an immobilizer works but I don't know how it works on this car and what would stop the car from starting. The battery is good because I've got a brand new set of quite expensive jump leads and they tell you if the battery is good when you have completed the circuit. I went from my car to the fiesta to obviously try and jump it and then went from fiesta back to my car and the leads were saying that the battery is in good shape. I have heard that you can reset the car by disconnecting the battery and leaving it over night which by then should reset the ecu and immobilizer but I don't know what to do. The car locks work when you lock/unlock (keyed entry rather than remote) but no flashing immobilizer. Is there a fuse or something that will knock that off as well as power to the interior? So now I have three cars. Not ideal. I had to push the fiesta to the other side of the car park so I could put the Jazz in its place. I was fuming this morning and still upset now about it. So now I've got to Sorn the car and then sell it privately. I couldn't get break down to come out because after 12noon the jazz took over the insurance and I called just after 12 so the insurance is invalid and no breakdown for it. Typical because no have home assist too. So I'm going to have to wait for my brother inlaw to have a look and see what it could be. It could be a very easy fix which would be good or it could be a scrap yard job :(. I don't have another key or another battery to try. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Ryan
  5. Pipe ordered Ian!! Price was bit steep but as they don't make them and no one breaking any cars I had no choice. But as least it will be brand new. Just over £46 for it and will be here in about a week also. Brakes need replacing so I'll bleed brakes as I don't think they have ever been done since they are a it spongy. Now can someone tell me if I'll need to bleed the clutch on this? I'm not too sure if the clutch and brakes are shared on this system. The car being an automatic makes matters a it more different so I don't know if the gear box will need to relearn as well if you get me? Many thanks. Ryan
  6. Hello there. Sorry I haven't rep,iced. Life has been getting in the way. Can you message me with the details I need that exact pipe work I need. Again sorry for very long delay. All the best Ryan.
  7. Just got off the phone to Ford and they said that that number you gave me doesn't exist or go towards any other fiesta where its manual, auto, petrol or diesel. Where did you get that number from? I thinkin may have to go down the road of performance silicone hoses if I can't get hold of one. Many Thanks for your help. Ryan
  8. Oh right ok then. I'm not going to drive it until it's fixed. I can't find anywhere that has this pipe. everything but which is annoying. Where will you get part number from?
  9. It's undrivable because the pipe has melted and the fear of loosing more fluid. Well I don't want to break the car as its belongs to my wife. Thanks for tpurbhelp in the mean time. Ryan
  10. I have no idea how these auto boxes work. I thought they were torque converters. I can wait until Monday. I just need that pipe off the bottle. It's quite long though. Would it help if I took better pictures to help. Would the clutch have to be bled then. Is there somewhere where I can read up on how it works? Sorry for aaki g questions. Ryan
  11. I used that number at Ford and it doesn't exist. Apparently all p/ns are printed on the piping but from what I can see and rummage about I can't see one without stripping it apart. I don't want to do that as I don't what how the system works. So I'm not sure if it's a different set up to the manual version. I don't know if the system shares other systems. Many Thanks Ryan
  12. Hello there this is my run around car and yesterday it started smoking in the way home. So I nursed it home and waited for engine to cool down so could see what was going on. The item in question has fallen from wherever and touched the lambda sensor causing it to melt and now the car is no longer drivable. From what I can see is a pipe from the brake reservoir? And it runs across the engine bay and then runs down the left side of the engine bay to what I can only assume is the brake servo which is under the ecu. I cannot for the life of me find the pipe I need. I went to Ford with pictures and they couldn't help me. Can someone please tell me what the pipe is called, what it does and where can I get a replacement. Car is due mot very soon which it won't make so this needs doing. Also a part number would be amazing. Here are the pictures for the pipework and where it runs. The car is a 2003 Ford fiesta mk6 1.4 automatic. Many Thanks Ryan
  13. You certainly have some good tastes :)
  14. So flooring it to third will revert the the clutch back to its original position supposedly? Well I'm going to change the battery over today. can't see that's goin g to make a difference if this also resets the car. Might make it run better. So this type of auto box is just an automated manual with all Manuka bits apart from a box which does the changing for you. So a normal auto box in other cars have torque converters then? I'd imagine it will need a clutch at some point. I think I'll wait for that to come a lot closer to failing as its just judering right now and not slipping. The revs don't increase when juders unlike a slipping clutch would so its not that worn. I don't know what driving history it has but we have got this as a run around for shopping, dog walking and the likes. Saves my diesel then :).
  15. A hard reset? How would I go about doing that? I'm replacing the battery so will that class as a hard reset if I left the car with no power for about ten minutes? I was also told it could the tourque converter? Ryan