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  1. St170 Gearbox Tddi

    Hi I have a 1.8 tddi focus I want to put the focus st170 gearbox on it would it fit if yes would it help with pulling a way thanks
  2. Hi all can you tell if you know anywhere I can get a decat pipe for a focus tddi thanks
  3. hi i am the engine seems to be lacking power around 2000-3000 rpm any ideas what it could be thanks
  4. Canterbury

    hi sorry i havent emailed back up in hospital but will u all still be intersted to meet up
  5. Canterbury

    hi would any one meet up in canterbury
  6. hi thank i have looked and cant see any think wrong with it .the only thing i can think of now is the tie rod cant be any think else
  7. hi i have fited all new parts ball joints suppenon leg spring bushes and it keeps on knocking any help please
  8. thanks all can it be the track rod
  9. hi i have a knock on a offside front wheel i think it could be a ball joint but not sure can any one help thanks
  10. 2002 Ford Focus V8 .4.6

    hi it is now sold sorry
  11. hi i have a 2002 focus in black with a custom cobra v8 4.6 short block front wheel drive for sale i have had it 9 months got 9 months tax and mot on it has got mondeo st brake upgrade fitted straght though exhaust upgraded springs cant fork out on 4 cars not so has to go i will say the tax is 294 pound a year but wow what a car subaru's cant touch it i am looking £1900 for it .its on ebay for one day so repley soon thanks
  12. Focus Mk1 2.2St

    hi thanks for that i have have a look and for a stainless exhaust its 600 pound
  13. hi i have just got a 2002 focus with a converted mondao 2.2 st tdci engine the exhaust on it as rusted away can any one help me were can i get a custom exhaust from thanks
  14. Tdci Exhaust

    ok thanks may give it a go
  15. Tdci Exhaust

    hi will it sound better with a smaller one because i got a 3.5in pipe on it from the middle of the car