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  1. Ford Fiesta Mk 6 1.4 16V Petrol Eac Fail

    im not sure what pipe your on about but "eac fail" i think points to a throttle pedal problem iirc
  2. Private Reg Plates

    D'oh, typo, i meant ST53 PHN, Although maybe i'll look out for ST39 HEN in 2039, but im guessing that would go for £50,000+
  3. Private Reg Plates

    ST53 PHEN would have been perfect for me on 53 plate fiesta, but even if i did become available i dont think i would spend that much money on a plate
  4. wiper blade snapped

    anyone else had bother with the window wipers? mine is bent so far out of shape it got stuck in vent. the windscreenwas totally de-iced and snow free , not impressed with new ka so far
  5. new ka demistors

    hey iv got a new 09 plate ka zetec and was wondering if anyone else is having the same problems as me? the main fault is that the fan direction doesn't have an "all" position (like my fiesta). so when it is blowing windscreen the side windows steam up and vice versa. fortunatly i have a heated front screen but am forced to use it constanly to keep the windows clear and worried that overuse may burn out the elements in the mirrors. any hints or tips would be greatly apreciated
  6. my angel eyes headlights dont have sidelight bulbs, just the halos. it shud still pass mot even if they are yellow as long as it has a descent brightness
  7. Help - Brakes

    hey, 40k isnt too bad for brake discs, i had a mini cooper that was 3yo and only done 24k when it needed all the discs replaced as they failed a brake test and actually falling apart!
  8. mk6 seat handle

    hey has anyone ever changed the tilt lever cable on the front seat of a 3 dr mk6? both of mine have broke in the last week, i was going to give it a go myself but was hoping some one on here could give me some tips or tricks?
  9. Some new bulbs fitted to my Mk7

    its amazing the difference a set of bulbs make, and can i ask an off topic question? how much did you pay for your plate?
  10. Fiesta mk6....

    yeah i have mk6 lol
  11. which bulb�?

    its a double contact bulb first you need to remove the 2 screws from the outside then you need to go inside the boot behind the light unit near the bottom there will a electrical plug to disconnect (small button on side) near this there will be a large cross shaped plastic nut that scews off by hand (might be very tight) this should release the bottom half of light unit, the top half is held on by a plastic clip which will release with a strong tug once the unit is off the car the centre section of the rear comes out to access all bulbs hope this helps, let me know if you have any problems
  12. which bulb�?

    it is the same bulb, its a two filament bulb 21/5w "stop/tail" replacing the bulb can be tricky but can be done with a phillips screw driver, some time and effort i can go into detail if your going to do it yourself
  13. Should I or shouldn't I...

    it says " HID not allowed" cause the head light aren't designed to take the extra heat, i was goin to do the same to my projector headlights untill i researhed it and found someone had thiers on for a while and melted them!!!!
  14. hey was lookin into converting a mk5 1.3 8v to a 2.0 turbo, anyone know of anyone who could do this for me or just supply parts for me to convert, all info and any comments welcome
  15. fiesta 96

    sounds like an idle control valve, mine got so bad used to stall while changing gear