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  1. pragmatix

    What size centre cap for MK3 ghia

    What size did you buy? ive just checked back and the ones i bought where 54 mm can you not measure the the hole?
  2. pragmatix

    What size centre cap for MK3 ghia

    What size wheels? Plenty on ebay if 16/17" i recall they are 54mm
  3. pragmatix

    Any good

    No because its not a modified one which you will need to read all the codes, i also doubt it's longevity these are recommended by a lot of folk on here and work and last
  4. pragmatix

    Sony CD6 audio unit manual

    where did you get the code from? A ford dealer will charge you i think £15 to get the code. As to the cd error its very common with this unit and its very expensive to get sorted it a mechanical fault with in the unit
  5. pragmatix

    Focus 1.0 turbo replacement

    If the turbo has failed you nee to clean out all the pipe work and the intercooler to remove any oil that is in them, as to actual procedure im sorry but i dont know, the advice is just generic for turbo replacement. Hope it helps
  6. pragmatix

    Mondeo 2.0 tdci problems

    I missed that it had been unplugged, whoops
  7. Im with on that change both, but glad your sorted.
  8. pragmatix

    Mondeo 2.0 tdci problems

    P0460 faults include Failed EGR valve Excessive carbon buildup Open or short in the wiring harness Poor electrical connection Leak in the vacuum line to EGR valve Faulty turbo or supercharger P0299 Faults include Low oil pressure in the engine Fault in the EGR system Air or intake leak or restriction Faulty boost pressure sensor so my first port of call would be the EGR valve and it ancillaries
  9. pragmatix

    aux port conversion to usb

    Yes it doable im not sure which module you need its a minefield but if you do a search on the site there is a lot of info as to module numbers ,if your changing you might as well get the latest module you can.
  10. pragmatix

    Mondeo 2.0 tdci problems

    Do you have the EML on, have you had the fault codes read
  11. pragmatix

    Switched live C-max 1.5tdci

    Finally after lots of prodding with multi meter, used F86 and a piggy back
  12. pragmatix

    Bluetooth cmax 2006 6000cd

    You can add the correct ford module im not well up on that but theres plenty of onfo on the site a search will reveal
  13. pragmatix

    Switched live C-max 1.5tdci

    The 12v sockets are live all the time.
  14. Im looking to hard wire a dash cam into my 2017 my Grand Cmax 1.5rdci, any ideas which fuse to use as a switched live.
  15. pragmatix

    Headlight adjustment

    They are very easy to get seated wrongly i know ive struggled with them, its much easier with the headlight units out of the car.