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  1. I would check the battery, simple thngs first
  2. pragmatix

    Apple iOS 12

    Thanks ill give it a go.
  3. Looking round the forum it looks like you will need a headlamp control module, steering position sensor, and the wiring seems to be very different from the standard headlamps.
  4. Not knowing much about the focus, but are the headlamps even the same fitting, before you get onto sensors and wiring. When did adapitive headlamps start on the Focus?
  5. pragmatix

    Why Did You Choose Yours?

    I went Grand C-Max on a practical level its easy to get in and out of, the mondeo was to low to get into and had 185k on it so time for a change , budget wouldnt runt o an S-Max and a Kuga had less interior space, its not a bad car the 1.5 tdci is a great little engine, im a little dissapointed with economy at an avg of 48.7 when my mondeos have normally got 52 mpg i dont do much town driving mainy A and Motorway and i dont hang about. 6 months on its done 12568 miles, resonambly happy with it not a comfortable as a Mondeo but has got better as the seat have formed to my shape, does me and the dogs ok on trips to dog shows.
  6. Could be damage to the wiring for the electric power steering or the rack its self , i would get it checked out hope you have the insurance details of the third party if it wasnt your fault could be expensive.
  7. pragmatix

    New Key Needed - Mondeo 2014

    Not that i found.
  8. Etis only gives the as built spec, so wont show a remap.
  9. pragmatix

    1995 Acapulco - is it worth anything?

    Thetes a 1996 Encore on going for £1275 so to the right person and adverised in the right place some where around that.
  10. Dont trust the computer, do a couple of brim to brim mileage checks, also if the car had been electrically shut down the ecu may well have gone back to learning mode and you may find that your recorded mpg figure will increase, but as i first said brim to brim checks, the other thought is these readings may be right and yoy old ones wrong.
  11. pragmatix

    Disabling autofold mirrors

    Thats the conclusion i came to,It does seem stupid to remove what was a handy option.
  12. pragmatix

    Disabling autofold mirrors

    I guess thats a no then😀
  13. pragmatix

    Trip computer mileage fluctuations

    Its just normal when your tank gets low the fuel remaing mileage is vague to say the least, not to bad if you keep driving but goes all over the place if you stop
  14. Trying to find away to turn off autofold mirrors 2018 C-Max titianium, now on my last monday the door switch would swop the mirrors from auto to manual so they would stay out, now i want to do this because this morning there was a heavy frost and ice on the car,, the mirrors where frozen and i think that this puts a big strain on the motors iv had a new mirror already on warranty and would like to avoid it happening again, so any tips, nothing in settings, cant see anything in Forscan.
  15. Just press the start button without your foot on the clutch