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  1. Mine are it's been back under warranty 3 times and had 2 lots of liners still saggŷ there are no clips in the area of the sags
  2. Sorry can't help ask in the general or Focus boards you will get a better response .
  3. Loose isnt the correct term saggy is better.
  4. At 14 you can drive one of those in France. They are classed as a quadracycle.
  5. Glad your sorted and thanks for telling us.
  6. You do I've just been asked to renew the subscription it was free, I'm not bothering live traffic is free on google maps.
  7. Many reasons engine to hot, to cold, elictrical load to high, ac load to high battery not fully charged to name but a few
  8. The injectors are a problem on the 1.6 plenty of posts about them a search will find lots.
  9. Good point about tyre noise not just michelins though any tyre that wears a little uneven can produce that sort of noise.
  10. I've had a look and the answer is no.
  11. Never been in the back of mine will have to have a look.😂
  12. Actually they are getting more in your sight line that's why I don't like them.
  13. I know how to turn the screen off and in my opinion the screen/ dash layout is a reason not to have a new Ford