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  1. Mne is registered as an 18 plate but in facr its build date was 17 almost a year old when i got it.
  2. Its local wifi between your devices not via the home router.
  3. Unfortunately this is a problem, not much you can do, there is a thread on this subject
  4. Its full relay type cover to not just roadside also full European cover
  5. The hardest part is getting the door cards off, hidden screws, i dont the SMax to be able to guide you through that bit but the mirror is easily swopped its normally just one bolt the wiring just plugs in, i would be suprised if your mirror wasnt heated. The covers can be changed.
  6. Watching Le Mans of course and Moto GP and BSB 😂
  7. You dont have the steaming option only via get streaming you need an updated bluetooth module, sorry cant tell you what number the module will need to be, hopefully someone will come along with the info
  8. I never pay any attention to the shift light stopped using it ages ago,
  9. Dont just change the glow plugs they only come into play at low temp, get the fault codes read, you can do,it yourself if you have a laptop download Forscan (Free) and get a modified ELM lead from tunnelrat cost about £20 for dealer to read codes £70-90
  10. No badge on my Titainium i have sync 3 so i cant help with the language. The changes to,language are in the instument panel display this may help.
  11. All depends where you live too, is that at a dealer? My low price is at a family run Ford business the high price is at a big franchised Ford dealer, the family busness gives me a time slot the franchise want the car all day, both give the breakdown cover.
  12. You would also need the microphone so better of useing something like a parrot.
  13. Does your coolant level drop? If not its not core plug or anything to do with cooling.
  14. Those are standard buttons on that radio and as the just mute he audio you do not have Bluetooth, do you have any buttons on your steerrng wheel or stalks that show a phone, if not you definitely dont have bluetooth, if you have then your bluetooth module is either missing or faulty. Also unlikely that a Zetec would have had bluetooth fitted.