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  1. I cant think why a manual gearbox would do this very strange, i expect it to happen in every gear.
  2. Yes easily, once the start to go the delaminate very quickly, especially if the roads are a bit rough, best get them changed the handling deteriorats, it will be transformed with new bushes. If you are still worried take it to an independent and get a second opinion.
  3. Your better off with a smart charger but as long as you keep an eye on the charging you will beok with what you've got
  4. if thats the smart charger then its fine, no you don't disconnect the battery , just the normal battery charging precautions ventilated space i presume you battery is a sealed unit.
  5. The main problem with car washes is the damage to thepaint from the grit in the brushes, you will also find that the miss bits, like under your spoiler, personally i would use a jet was to keep it tidyish in between proper washes either by your self of a valeting company, i get mine done every couple of months by a valeting professional it cost about £30, dead easy to keep clean after that.
  6. The light is comming on because the tyres have gone down, i would suggest that you get the rims check for corrosion or damage, the tyre place should be able to check for leaks.
  7. pragmatix


    My 2018 Grand Cmax Titianium doesnt have city stop.
  8. You need to buy a seat belt buckle, plenty about second hand ive had it on my mondeos, easy to fit you have to remove the seat but thats just 4 torx bolts its also worth blowing out the buckle with compressed air as if you have kids in the car that eat, they can get gummed up with crumbs and such like. this ones new
  9. They have been saying that for months, as to dealears a big dealer near me didnt know anything about any updates and didnt understand how I got F8 maps i was lucky i did my update before the system went ***** up.
  10. Sorry cant help, but it may help if the title was your problem not your name, you could also repost in the general ford section you might get a better response.
  11. In what way? Is there somthing you are struggling with?
  12. Bluefin is a remap but a removable one handy when you need things back to origanal like fault finding
  13. The drive shakes up the particles they then settle and jam the starter, get it looked at.
  14. It could also be DMF failure the starter gets filled up with rubbish hence the none engagement. Get the starter removed and checked. Its th best strating point imho