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  1. A Trek, im in Highland Perthshire thats more like a trek 😁
  2. Maybe as simple as a loose exhaust heatshield, any other symptoms?
  3. If its anything like the mondeo of the same age the gear cables can go out of adjustment, not that common but it can happen, its not a DiY job to sort if that is what the problem is.
  4. i get it in my 2017 cmax at times not just 2's but things do seem to get cut off.
  5. I tried to get one for my mondeo some while back ended up at the local scrappy and raided a smashed headlight for the bit.
  6. What is really annoying about this is the fact that the insurance companies have access to this info so why do they need a letter from you😡
  7. Iv you are gettig messed about by the dealer contact Motobility they dont like that sort of thing, they helped me with a dealer.
  8. I would check the existing speakers to see iv they are mounted correctly also that the door card is also mounted right.
  9. Wrong, the best tyres should be on the rear.
  10. Pressure drop could be corroded wheels.