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  1. Now I could be wrong but not all cars had isofix as standard, it's just a niggle at the back of my mind., I did a search and came up with this, yes the bars are fitted but not always accessible.
  2. Bonnet catch is often the cause, you can easily by pass the catch just unplug the connectors and Ben a bit of wire to fit into the connector, it may or may not be the cause but it's an easy on to eliminate.
  3. As long as it gets a run no and again there are no problems with the DPF mine was used for short runs to the shops less than a mile but had longer runs as well
  4. The 1ltr is fine for round town but it struggles on the hills and motorways the sweet spot in the range is the 1.5 diesel decent performance and good economy mine did 47.4 mpg over the 53k that I had it only change because I needed to go automatic, shame they don't make them anymore would have had another, but as I'm on Motability my choice of cars was limited hence leaving Ford The 2ltr diesel is a bit crude and very nose heavy, no better on fuel than the 1.5 but if you are 7 up all the time then it's worth thinking about, the 1 litre in real world mpg is terrible. No DPF worries with the later models as they use the coated type DPF.
  5. Never heard that before
  6. What tyres did you go for?
  7. Rear bushes are prone to wear on the Mondeo too same set up it's unlikely to be the caravan as your car is over 13 years old i the bushes have done well to last this long
  8. Maybe the DPF sensor pies are the wrong way round that's where I would start..
  9. Gee that's ugly, just like the new cars with stuck on tablets one of the reasons I left Fords.
  10. 125.7 up to 131.4 nearest to me is the most expensive.that's petrol, diesel 126.3 to 127.5, ***** typical as I've just changed to petrol and only getting 44 should have stuck to diesel
  11. I've had two of those, not cheap to fix.
  12. I've worn glasses for years as blind as a bat without them, couldn't find the car yet alone drive without them, but ax my vision with the glasses is above the minimum standard, then nothing needs reporting.
  13. Sounds like an air leak has the fuel filter been changed recently? It's where I would start, make sure it's fitted correctly and the pipes are connected properly and check for splits, it either that or the fuel pump, but cheapest first, others may be of more help,.not sure why it loses power in the rain. you could ask in the general area, lot more traffic in there and your engine is used in lots of cars.
  14. Did you download the drivers from tunnelrat?
  15. It was an option, not standard fit, my Tit X didn't have it
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