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  1. You get that when it's cold it should start if you keep the clutch depressed
  2. Cheap code readers a waste of time and money, get Forscan a free download and a modified ELM connector from Tunnelrat, cheaper ones are available but fail or don't work.
  3. Ah the old clip on ones white one side red the other, glow worms where brighter
  4. Software you want is Forscan and an modified ELM from tunnelrat
  5. Its a useless function IMHO you can still turn the sidelights on its no different.
  6. If I remember correctly with the ignition off you could use the indicator stalk to select right or left, also the first setting on the light switch is sidelights.
  7. I had a mondeo stolen one Manchester it had keys gone in less time than it took me to cross the street I just watched it drive off, never did get it back.
  8. I'm not a fan of the car of the year some right dogs have won it
  9. Works in all modes under slight load no need to switch
  10. Probably, but I would spend half an hour sorting it
  11. I believe the fiesta wheels will fit without problems as the fusion is festa running gear, you will need ally wheel nuts not the ones that are used on your steel wheels.
  12. I would get it up to temperature then leg it cool so you can get the cap of, you can do it from cold. you want to get the heater working too so the water does a full circulation