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  1. I like the Ford's on because of the wear indicator, uv sensitive I believe.
  2. My Cmax has always asked for this though I only depress the clutch,.
  3. I believe that's the SERCO one the NHS app is not for track and trace
  4. The NHS app is not the same as the Covid app.
  5. I would not just rely on tape I would either crimp on insulate female bullets or secure in connector block and tape up with self amalgamating tape.
  6. I got mine fro my Ford dealer cheaper than aftermarket.
  7. A point worth remembering that the Covid app is only badged as NHS it's been done by SERCO and we know that track record also you can only add SERCO test to it, so it data will be wrong.
  8. Are you sure you have rain sensing wipers and not just intermittent on setting one.
  9. @Hostahousey if you go into setting /general/ about and it will tell you what version of sync you have. I suspect as it's a 2016 car it will be 2.
  10. Good point, I'm on red anyway, doesn't mess up,your night vision as much as blue.
  11. Does it change if your setting is already Red? Personally I don't see the point, but each to their own.
  12. Mine plays up,if it's been raining the sensors get wet and need time to dry out.