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  1. Have you put the battery in the right way round it's easily done and some manuals showed it the wrong way round. At least it's easy to check
  2. A bit pricey, my local family owned Ford dealer was £225 if I remember correctly and with the Ford you get a years AA cover including relay and home start
  3. Handbrake on and try to move off in 2nd or 3rd if it stalls all is well but if the fees rise and you don't move your clutch is knackered, but your description does sound like a duff clutch.
  4. I'm not sure how her would do that smoke isn't going to get anywhere near the pressure in the pipes, the likely culprit is the large one connected to the turbo.
  5. Normally it's a split hose not always easy to find as the sometimes only open up with pressure, mix up a solution of washing up liquid and water spray it on the hoses and it will bubble up where the leak is obviously the engine has to be running
  6. You need to speak to a insurance broker and get an agreed value policy, a broker will,do the searching about for you, I've always used a broker for all my insurance needs far better than the comparison sites.
  7. Seems about right if a main dealer.
  8. It doesn't take that long to rip,to memory stick it's not done in real time, one of the best things I've verdone.
  9. It's a shame you can no longer turn ABS off cos with it on stopping in snow or gravel is just about impossible.
  10. They are the new Goodyear's
  11. @Eric Bloodaxe Good find, interesting read, thanks.
  12. I had forgotten about road traffic only, as you say not seen it for years, was never sure what it would cover as third party doesn't really cover much.
  13. Possibly, how many miles since last change? How close to the service where you last time a bit of maths will give you an answer.
  14. I would get a length of string and run that round the pulleys you need and use this as a gauge as to what length belt you need it will also give you the route. most motor factors can find belts by length that's proper motor factors not eurocarparts.
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