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  1. Yes if they are Ford wheels I used to swop,between 16" steels in winter and 17" ally's in summer the tyre size changes talker side walls on the 16's so the rolling circumference stay about the same your handbook shows the tyre sizes,there will be no clearance problems as long as they are Mondeo wheels.
  2. Forscan is a free download https://forscan.org/home.html you will need a modified ELM to connect with you OBD port the ones from tunnel rat are the best https://tunnelrat-electronics.fwscart.com/USB_Modified_ELM327/p4541936_17045457.aspx, I'm presuming you have a laptop
  3. You will be better of asking in the general or focus section there have been a lot of post on the subject, most seem to replace with android units from China
  4. What reader did you use a lot can't read all the codes you need Forscan free download and a modified ELM connector you need a modified one so you read the hi and lo buses tunnel rat do the best ones.
  5. No he's not, I only use prime when the trial offer comes up, which is very regular.
  6. I've not had a problem with the washer fluid freezing, but this evening went to clean the screen a the fluid froze as it it the screen not much fun at 60mph on a dark night, temp was -6, screen wash at recommended winter strength 80%.
  7. Check the passenger side for loose fuses, I've had similar, very easy for a passenger to kick the box .
  8. Tunnel rat is the best, others are cheaper but crap https://tunnelrat-electronics.fwscart.com/USB_Modified_ELM327/p4541936_17045457.aspx
  9. I also understand that there is only on pump, so it could be a switch issue
  10. Now daft as it seems some screenwash needs water to be added to it, don't ask me how that works I don't know, but I've had ones that say don't use neat or it won't be as effective.
  11. I set mine in the first week of getting the car can't tell you what's it on but I've never altered it, occasionally I've ha to go high speed and in drizzle give one wipe but 99% of the time it's fine
  12. What model radio is it. if it the cd6000 known for problems and cost a fortune to repair.
  13. The leaky vents is normally a Focus problem not Cmax one, certainly on mine the layout is different as far as I can see.
  14. In setting on sync make sure CarPlay is enabled.
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