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  1. Get in touch with your local mobile repairer shouldnt cost much easier than trying to do it yourself, hard to really give a good idea of what to do without a picture.
  2. The problem is that engine and a fiesta is to much fun for eco driving ive had it down to 17.5 mpg over 25 miles of twisty fun.
  3. You may need to get a the fast charge checked.
  4. If its software you can update that yourself via
  5. Yep can be seen commentating on BSB rounds and the odd WSB round great knowledge and sense of humour.
  6. Is that not Jamie Whithams band😂
  7. I cant say ive ever had that problem,
  8. Got agree, when i picked up my car last year the person handing over the car, supposedly his job not a salesman but a customer service advisor i believe was his title knew next to nothing about my car i had to explain to him how the keyless entry worked he used the fob to open it and said that to start the car it had to be in the centre console, tried to tell me that i had to buy a disc to upgrade the sync3 nav.
  9. If I remember correctly on my 2009 mondeo the voice commands where only in relation to the radio, ie "Play CD" PlayTrack1" that sort of thing.
  10. I used to use MER very impressed with it back then.
  11. Thats why i now use a valet😂
  12. Now do you mean polish or wax, a polish removes a small amount of paint a wax doesnt. Stay clear of wash and wax products not very effective and you get a build up which ends up dull. I cant help with whats best as i get my car valeted and i cant remember what he uses. As I understand it polish restore, wax protects. you may be better asking in the general area a search may reveal a thread on this subject it has been discussed many times.
  13. Do you mean the heated screen, if so separate fuse for each side.