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  1. Better than nothing I suppose, but very poor quality control.
  2. pragmatix

    Dead electrics Help needed

    Could be a duff battery , how old is it, if it's the original it's wel due a change, assuming your talking about the car in your profile.
  3. pragmatix

    Mondeo mk3 tdci MPG

    A couple of extra psi in your tyres helps I used to run at 40 all round that was on 235/45/17"
  4. pragmatix

    Weird Windsceen Washer Problem

    A quick fix to try is empty as much fluid out of the bottle as you can, then fill using hot not boiling water and run your washers, this often but not always clears out the sludge in the system, cheap easy and worth a try.
  5. pragmatix

    Ford pass 2?

    It doesn't on mine either, also it's hard to navigate round it on an iPhone if you change pages you have to shut the app down to get back to the start
  6. pragmatix

    Mondeo mk3 tdci MPG

    A remap can give you 5 mpg more I've used super chips in the past with good effect, the bluefin version is a home install via the OBD port and has the advantage of you being able to remove the mapping at any time great if you are trying to find a fault
  7. pragmatix

    owners handbook

    You should be able to download the handbook
  8. pragmatix

    Phone pairing problem

    Have a look here for compatibility, I can't see why it should be any different to a Mondeo of the same age I never had a problem pairing Samsung's to my cars
  9. pragmatix

    How long do you keep your car for.

    I keep mine till the 175k point or about 5 years
  10. pragmatix

    Mondeo mk3 tdci MPG

    I've had a few mondeo tdci and the mileage has varied my last on a 2011 130 did avg 53 mpg mostly on long runs and at motorway speeds , my my 3 also a 130 did about the same but my mk4 2009 only managed 46, all on the same regular journeys very little town work and At motorway speed all wher estates all had done over 150k by the time I sold on.
  11. pragmatix


    ***** hell thats expensive, not come across that before,I've had flat battery's on my last mondeo and never had that problem mine was a 2011 2tdci titianuim. Did the AA not sort it for you
  12. pragmatix


    Your key will need to be paired to the car again, instructions are in the handbook.
  13. I take it you mean it over responds to the throttle when not in gear, if it's doing it in gear and driving then it has to be the clutch
  14. pragmatix

    Can anyone recommend an OBD reader

    If you have a lap top then Forscan is what you need. It's a dedicate ford system. free download and the you need a modified ELM connector a unmodified one can't read all the codes. download here Elm connector tunnelrat are the best Elm I have come across plenty of cheap copies out there but don't buy they fail. Also FORScan has a support forum
  15. pragmatix

    Need a new door mirror.

    Looking at pictures they do look similar.