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  1. pragmatix

    New S MAX owner

    Yes there is, but i know very little about them a search will reveal a few posts on the subject. I upgrade my mondeo but cant remember which module i used its while ago
  2. pragmatix

    Where is paint code?

    Drivers side door pillar with the vin number.
  3. That makes sense and is what i was trying to say
  4. Just thinking about the reverse sensors does you car have the all round sensors like mine does maybe the mirror plays a part in that system and its the wrong mirror
  5. Well,i had that mirror swiped of the car and still had outside temp i think dont recall it missing. But im willing to be proved wrong.
  6. I had some mondeo mk4 doors of them arrived with the glass smashed, never did get a refund, that would be about 7 years ago
  7. Not on mine it isnt but mine is the nwer version., still don't understand the reverse sensors though.
  8. Very strange as those sensors are no where near the mirror.
  9. pragmatix

    Sync 3 maps update

    Windows in bootcamp,doesnt work, try down loading unarchiever that normally works, its free.
  10. pragmatix

    Sync 3 maps update

    I'm sure someone had bother with that when we all updated to sync 3.0. And they ended up using a pc. I could be mistaken though Yes ive tried it doesnt allways work, you cant use the inbuilt Mac unzipper and you cant use window in boot camp, on a Mac you need to use unarchiever. Basically you are trying to get a mac to understand windows files and it dont like it.
  11. pragmatix

    Radio function with ignition off.

    Go into settings and sync info it will tell you all
  12. pragmatix

    Any ideas on how much this would cost

    If its for sentimental value, be prepared for a big bill, i dont think that is going to give you any change from a grand. Even done on the cheap.
  13. pragmatix

    Am I mad for looking at the 1.6 ecoboost?

    I dont know much about the 1.6 ecoboost, but the car is a great car, very pleased with mine 1.5tdci, suprisingly agile car so still fun to drive. Thecsensor is a recall so no charge for that and going by whats on the furum about clutch software up date its nothing to worry about.
  14. pragmatix

    1.5/6 diesel duratec

    Could be the anti stall, ive found that turning off the hill start helps.
  15. pragmatix

    Sync 3 help needed

    Different car but same set up, mine keeps its setting, as said before try a system reset. Also worth checking you have the latest software v3, just because its a new car doesnt mean you will have it.