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  1. Stop start driving when the engine and exhaust doesn't get up to temp not the auto stop start, that doesn't kill starters as its a heavy duty starter, sorry for the confusion
  2. If you are doing lots of miles and the engine is always up to temp no worries, its stop start that's the problem.
  3. Factory fitted😁 its so dark down my lane no street lights so it's important, I don't get a car unless it had them.
  4. Hate those, I seem to have lost the ability to park if I use them I stick to the mirrors now.
  5. Maybe a dead bluetooth module, easy to change its up,behind the glove box, plenty on eBay
  6. Sounds like the auxiliary belt is slipping, may be time to change the belt or it could be the alternator bearings.
  7. For me, it's been a disaster, lost my job due to illness, cant cycle anymore and can hardly walk, apart from that it's been great.
  8. Safari on iPhone, iPad MacBook Pro and IMac, works fine. Its crap on my widows laptop so nver use that for anything but Forscan and ripping cd's
  9. Do you have the engine running when you try the screen if not chances are it won't work it draws a lot of power.
  10. The screen may have failed its not unusual the elements do break after time and if your is 12 years old that may be the problem. Has it just stopped working? Have you had the car long, also check that the screen hasn't been changed to a non heated one.
  11. You may be lucky and the wiring may be there,