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  1. pragmatix

    Mondeo 2009 TDCI DPF fault

    No vapouriser on a 2009
  2. pragmatix

    Mondeo 2009 window glass.

    I seem to recall they only connect one way and as it for the heating if you get them the wrong way it dooesnt matter.
  3. Isnt that why there is an expansion tank? Or am i missing your point.
  4. pragmatix

    Cylinder Head Bolt Socket ?????

    I would invest in something better, i wouldnt trust them, If you want quality with out spending a fortune Halfords own brand stuff is very good and it has a warranty.
  5. pragmatix

    Buying advice

    They are pretty bullet proof, can have wiring faults on later models, check the rear suspension bushes can be worn and cracked on an estate, a sure sign is the car feels as though the rear is drifting out of line when you corner. Also some cars have problems with rust at the bottom of the doors, No worries about cam belts is a chain on that engine, mileage is not a worry for the engine it will do at least twice that. Rear nearside calipers have a habit of seizing, it only ever seems to be that one, Price is a bit high,
  6. pragmatix

    2014c-max diesel 1.6

    Ch ck the pipes from the dpf to the sensor or it could be the sensors.
  7. Auto locksmith, i take it you dont have a spare.
  8. pragmatix

    Stereo Drive fault

    Very common fault,, expensive to repair, when mine went several years ago and spares could be got i was quoted over £200. Needles to say i went the aftermarket route.
  9. pragmatix

    Air con always on

    I never turn mine off, switch between full demist and auto.
  10. pragmatix

    ford etis

  11. pragmatix

    Show us your FOC stickers

    Just so you dont feel ignored @TimST2.Yes they survive the elements and car washing. On my Grand C-Max. Same the other side
  12. Definitely not a common fault, most likely broken selector.
  13. pragmatix

    Dashboard Lights

    A low battery can start the car ok but throw up all sorts of problems worth checking the alternato too, if a phase hase gone down it can give faults but look ok if checked with a multimeter. Also have you had fault codes read? Not sure if the model share its instuments with the Focus which often gets binnacle faults.
  14. pragmatix

    Dashboard Lights

    Hows the battery, how old?