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  1. Thermostat??

    Seems about right my Mondeo used to be the same and my current C-Max 1.5 Tdci does the same.
  2. 2007 mondeo abs light.

    Yes, it's fairly common, I had various abs faults that where down to broken wires on the front it's often in the wiring from the wheel to the first connector
  3. Timing belt. DIY or garage

    Depends on how confident you are, have you done anything like this before? I've done it on a Mondeo, take your time follow the instruction and you should be alright. Aproper locking tool is the best bet rather than relying on a couple of drill bits that could snap.
  4. just bit fun

    I wondered who it was, no loss to anyone.
  5. Making the windows come down with the key

    Not all cars have global opening and closing it does need setting up
  6. That's only part of oil specification
  7. Making the windows come down with the key

    It's a free download from here http://www.forscan.org/ you will also need one of these https://tunnelrat-electronics.fwscart.com/USB_Modified_ELM327/p4541936_17045457.aspx and a laptop
  8. MK8 Security

    Sorry can't get a link to the pdf but search for Relay Attacks on Passive Keyless Entry and Start Systems in Modern Cars good article
  9. its A while since we've had a Fiesta, but I seem to recall that the service light a spanner and the msg oil service required, comes on when you start then goes off after a minute or so, if this is the case you need a service, or it hasn't been reset when it was last serviced. How many miles had it done since it's last service? Again from memory to reset the light turn ignition on and hold down the brake and accelerator pedal till the light goes out.
  10. As long as it meets the required specification and I don't just mean the viscosity, why not
  11. Advice needed

    I would do an internet search and see what sort of price they are going for, google is your friend
  12. Ford pass at the moment doesn't work with sync3 they are apparently fixing the problem.
  13. At least google maps is up to date
  14. Sync 3 Map Updates

    No update available as yet there is a rumour that an upgrade may be available in June, Ford don't even know if it will be chargeable or free, or even if it's due, customer service where worse than useless, as was the local dealer when I asked, they seem to think that 5 years out of date is ok as most people use there smart phones.
  15. Fair price for alloys?

    Don't know you would have to arrange that. Not too expensive if you get the right courier. https://www.paisleyfreight.com/?source=google&segment=alloys&gclid=CjwKCAjwnLjVBRAdEiwAKSGPIywqnQTehp_t1_pDqqSIOXvt_GVtNpG_FqkIkXobWzwAT34DloLdtRoC-z4QAvD_BwE ive msgd you