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  1. Real world mpg

    22days into ownership and 4535 miles on the clock my avg is now 53.6 I suspect the warmer weather combine with everything loosening up are the contributing factors, so not to unhappy about that. lovely little engine very willing
  2. Anyone else had this problem

    You need to get out of phase with the new registrations
  3. HODGE

    It may have DRL's but just the tungsten ones.privacy glass is normally an extra, as are pwerfold mirrors, yours may well fold but it will be on the little button in front of the mirror adjuster.
  4. Selling Cars

    Actually Nox is worse on a petrol and most petrol cars are used for short journeys so the catalytic converter doesn't get hot enough to do it job, so pollutes more than a diesel
  5. Very helpful those details, just wish folk posted them, instead of us having to guess, just because it's in a profile doesn't mean it's the car they are talking about
  6. Maps update

    Yep looks like July, what pisses me off is that Ford customer services think it's ok to have out of date maps as people use 3rd party apps, that's not why I got built in satnav
  7. Selling Cars

    Yes it does seem to be harder to,sell diesels even the trade are giving less for them unless like I did used the ford scrappage scheme, I got another diesel because it suits me. On the plus side if your a buyer there's some great bargains to be had, none of which helps you Your car looks really good and well priced don't know why it's not selling
  8. Engine Smoke?

    Can't get to see your video, what colour smoke was it? What engine, petrol or diesel? That code may well produce smoke if it's unburnt diesel it could be black, blue is usually oil, white is normally a blown head gasket.
  9. It may be on a 2008 1.8 Tdci Mk4 but that is supposition 😀
  10. Thermostat??

    Seems about right my Mondeo used to be the same and my current C-Max 1.5 Tdci does the same.
  11. 2007 mondeo abs light.

    Yes, it's fairly common, I had various abs faults that where down to broken wires on the front it's often in the wiring from the wheel to the first connector
  12. Timing belt. DIY or garage

    Depends on how confident you are, have you done anything like this before? I've done it on a Mondeo, take your time follow the instruction and you should be alright. Aproper locking tool is the best bet rather than relying on a couple of drill bits that could snap.
  13. just bit fun

    I wondered who it was, no loss to anyone.
  14. Making the windows come down with the key

    Not all cars have global opening and closing it does need setting up