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  1. UK Mustang wing mirror

    If it's not cracked it may just click back into place, can't be more helpful sorry
  2. Air con service or air con re-gas?

    Wrong a lot more involved than that
  3. Is that staying on permanently or staying on then going off later, the delay can be altered in settings I've got mine set to no delay
  4. Seat Belt Alarm

    It's likely to be the buckle, easy to replace, it's a seat out job to get to the conn cation but simple to do, I ha to do it on my last couple of mondeos , got second hand of ebay
  5. Breakdown Cover

    I used to get a service done at my local ford dealer this cost £125 and I got a full years full cover included in the cost, the same level of cover from the AA was £160
  6. Extremely 1st world problem

    Hot water and vinegar polish of with kitchen paper, squeaky clean.
  7. As a matter of interest

    Can't say I've ever had that much of a drop with aircon on, may be a couple of mpg but not 12
  8. Grinding sound when losing traction

    Seems normal to me, I get the same sound in my c max just been and checked!
  9. Ford Mondeo Start Stop issue

    Have you pressed the button to turn it on?
  10. Rear tail lights not working

    Check the fuse, sorry I don't know which one check you handbook
  11. direction indicators don't flash when locking car

    I think the ndicators only flash when you dead lock the car, this is two presses on the remote this also sets the alarm
  12. New Edge

    Its an option on all titanium models not just the Edge, it's an extra I had to pay for, wish I hadn't but that's another story
  13. Fluctuating sync 3 screen

    I have and I manually select day or night, makes no difference, every other sat nav I've had takes its night setting from sunrise and sunset settings but this has a mind of its own.
  14. Real world mpg

    I'll stick with Honest Johns seems about right or 75% of published figures, but I must say I'm disappointed as to get the figures I'm getting I'm travelling on avg 10 mph slower than in my last 3 Mondeos and getting about 10 mpg less.
  15. Real world mpg

    Me neither