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  1. Odometer - OK to reset

    It's just the hold to reset message, I'd just do the reset to the trip mileage and all should be ok
  2. How low do you go before refuelling?

    I fill up when I go to Perth as fuel is 11p a litre cheaper there.
  3. Real world mpg

    I know how to get good fuel economy my current car a 2ltr Tdci Mondeo gets 53avg, that's a proper average not a computer displayed avg. i just wanted to know so I had a benchmark
  4. Tyre pressure monitor 2018 titanium grand cmax

    I wouldn't be too sure about that, up here, even in wet conditions the grip from winter tyres is superior to eco tyres, cold weather and more snow next week
  5. Tyre pressure monitor 2018 titanium grand cmax

    Don't know as I haven't got the car yet, will tell you after 1st March 😀
  6. Tyre pressure monitor 2018 titanium grand cmax

    Nice tip thanks, do new tps's self sync or do they need coding?
  7. How long do you keep your car for.

    4-5 years or 175k or there abouts
  8. Tyre pressure monitor 2018 titanium grand cmax

    I'll have to fit the TPS to my winter wheels then, thanks Ian
  9. Does anyone know if the tyre pressure monitoring system use the ABS system or in tyre sensors?
  10. Is my car a write off

    That's stuffed, with the best will in the world that's not going back on the road
  11. Buying Advice - Petrol or Diesel

    the 1 litre is a great engine, but it doesn't like motorway speeds gets very thirsty, for local use great, if you can drive like a granny, the engine doesn't encourage frugal driving, it likes to rev great fun but bad for the wallet, I've had a 125 bhp focus down to 28 mpg. The1.5tdci is a better engine
  12. Real world mpg

    Just about to take delivery of a 2018 plate Grand Cmax a 1.5 Tdci titanium, and was wondering what mpg folk are getting
  13. Mondeo Mk4.5 2.2 TDCI Limp Mode.

    With regards to the filter my brother has just bought a focus that kept cutting out, he changed the fuel filter and all is now ok, the filter can cause all sorts of fueling problems