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  1. Wonder Wheels

    I use wonder wheels every now and again. Needs a good rinse though as it could be a bit harsh if left on too long.To be honest, it didn't make a great difference, still loads of old brake dust caked on, but I'm not going to chance another application at present, too risky.
  2. Tyre Dressing

    I have the answer to your problem. Maguires Hot Shine ! I was consulting a detailer today as to which is the best dressing.I also find that if you let dressing cure on the tires for a few hours before driving the car the sling is reduced or even eliminated in most cases.
  3. Rail Dust

    As far as I know, there's nothing better than clay for removing rail dust.I had the orange spots on my white Car. I washed it, clay bar'ed it, and waxed it. My dealership told me it was from the chemicals sprayed on the road during the winter.Just do a proper wash and then a clay bar treatment.
  4. Pressure Washer

    Pressure washer is useless on car washing. It might help in removing heavy coat of mud, or accumulation of gunk on differentials, but that is about it. It’s not bad but we have to care about many things while washing car with power pressure washer otherwise it could be take off paint.
  5. Leather Seats

    Saddle soap is excellent for bringing back suppleness and is easy to use.Use it properly and you will have great results without any slipperiness from leftover product.I would say that the grot in the actual holes will come loose with the use of the brush.