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  1. J1 Induction Void Warranty?

    Ive stuck a j1 induction kit on my mk7 petrol zetec s it's well worth the money even just for the sound it produces. And my mpg has improved only slightly though
  2. A Bit Of A Wobble

    Cheers guys appreciate it will have a look at all of these things
  3. A Bit Of A Wobble

    Hey everyone, I've got a 2010 zetec s petrol, it's a great car but when I hit 75 mph the steering wheel starts to vibrate, so I got my wheels balanced thinking that would solve it, which it didn't, I had already ordered some new alloys so put them on and the steering wheel is still vibrating, has any1 experienced this with their fiesta? Feedback would be much appreciated cheers
  4. Bike Rack

    Hey everyone I've got a mk7 zetec s and I've recently just taken up road biking, does any 1 know if they make a bike rack for the zetec s? Cheers Ryan
  5. Turbo

    Hey everyone, just out of pure curosity, would it be possible to fit any type of turbo to a mk7 zetec s, petrol? I have a 2010 frozen white zetec s.
  6. Hey everyone just wondering wat your opinions were, on wats the best, the diesel tdci zetec s or the petrol. As I've just bought a frozen white petrol zetec s.
  7. J1 Induction.

    Hey everyone, I've purchased a j1 induction kit for my 2010 zetec s, which I swapped my 1.4 tdci for. Wat does everyone think about the j1 induction kit, is it as good as it promises on the website? Cheers guys Ryan
  8. 1.4 Tdci Exhaust

    Hey everyone, just a quick question, I was wondering if there is any aftermarket exhaust systems that would fit my 1.4 tdci mk7. Also is it worth fitting one, personal opinion? Cheers
  9. Dmb Overlays

    Hey every1 my fiesta is panther black and im looking at some dmb gel overlays I was thinking red and chrome, just wondering wat everybody else likes and your opinions :D
  10. Your Fiesta

    My 1.4 tdci :).
  11. Remap Northwest

    Hey Im planning on getting my fiesta remapped I've got a couple of places in mind was wondering if anybody had any places to recommends in the north west of england cheers.
  12. Demon Plates

    I was just browsing really but I would prefer the pressed metal plates
  13. Demon Plates

    Ive been looking for new plates as mine are cracked and found a website called demon plates its quite good you can design and view your new plates before you buy them. Has any1 bought plates from this website? And does anybody know anyother plate websites?
  14. Zetec S Spoiler

    I think the 5 door and the 3 door have pretty much the same dimensions apart from the length of the car, so I'm guessing the zetwc s spikwr will fit a 5 door
  15. Zetec S Spoiler

    Cheers mate will be ordering the spoiler soon.