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  1. Mondeo 2Ltr Diesel 2005

    Thanks for that u guys, im having the coolant sensor fitted tomorrow, see if that sorts the problem, if not then will go ahead and do the other sensor and stat. Process of elimination, will keep u guys posted, Thanks again.
  2. Mondeo 2Ltr Diesel 2005

    Cheers for that Dan, feeling better now, i thought it might be something to do with temp sensor, Thanks again
  3. Hi guys looking for some help, every so often when driving, the temp gauge will drop down to cold, will still drive fine, but lose a little power and then pick up again, as soon as i switch it off and restart its fine again, sometimes it go to nearly cold but then climb back to normal temp, but eventually will go to show cold and fan will kick in. Any ideas or suggestions
  4. Rough Tick Over

    Hi guys i have a 05 Mondeo tdi 2ltr, i was getting the glow plug light flashing and would cut out, eventually glow plug light flashing and management light came on, fault showed up on computer as diesel knock cylinder 3, so had injector replaced, and glow plug and engine management lights are now not lit, but engine is running very rough and with what sounds like a diesel knock, rough tap tap tap, any suggestions would be helpfull