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  1. Headlight Plastic Weather Shield Mk2.5

    I took your advice and went to a different Ford dealer. Spoke to the Parts Dept and they knew what I was on about and had the part in stock. It did cost me £8.83 though..... I've uploaded a couple of pics of the part and packaging for the Dipped Beam plastic weathershield/seal. Thanks Gumpy321 and Ronnie for the replies on the post.
  2. Headlight Plastic Weather Shield Mk2.5

    Hopefully now with the picture!
  3. Headlight Plastic Weather Shield Mk2.5

    Thanks for the reply Roundy. The photo should show the back of the headlight with the black plastic round seals in place.
  4. Headlight Plastic Weather Shield Mk2.5

    Yes, I'm going to have to keep trying the breakers yards I think or looking on eBay for broken light assemblies. Thought I'd give here a try as well in case anyone had a broken one for any reason, thanks for the replies, appreciated!
  5. Headlight Plastic Weather Shield Mk2.5

    I asked the local dealership and they said you can't buy them as they come as a part and parcel with the headlight assembly. So they were intimating I'd have to buy a whole headlight to get them. I'll not be bothering with that!
  6. Headlight Plastic Weather Shield Mk2.5

    Yes, those are the ones!! And incredibly difficult to buy or find without purchasing a whole headlight....or so it seems!
  7. Hi all, long shot but does anyone have a broken headlight unit for a mk2.5? I'm after the plastic backing for the bulbs. I bought a 2008 Focus TDCi and noticed a bug trapped in the headlight (deceased!) but thought no more of it. Until the dipped bulb went (a year later) and asked my Ford dealer how much to replace it, after I was told £46!!! I decided to do it myself. Watched a great YouTube video and all went well, except the plastic stopper for the dipped beam (behind the bulb) is missing and probably why the bug was there!! Searching online it seems you can't buy them and the breakers I've tried either don't have them or will only sell the entire light assembly. So if you have them spare and want to sell them or have any ideas for me to try, please help!!! Thanks for reading, Ben
  8. Ford Focus Abs Unit - Help!

    You need to get the garage you bought it from to sort it out as it is deemed under sales of goods act (the fault) to be there at sale if bought within 6 months of the fault showing. They know this and should act if you quote SOGA. If you go down sorting yourself this happened to me on my new second hand 08 Focus 1.8 TDCI. Look up ABS fault on Honest Johns website and there is a company called 'SinSpeed' that'll recondition the old unit for about £250 and guarantee it'll never show a fault again. Apparently the focus ABS/ESP has a design fault that makes it give up the ghost at intermittent intervals, so if possible try not to get another Ford unit put back in. The garage will need to remove the unit and send it off, about 4 day turn around so you'll need a courtesy car in the interim.
  9. Merry Christmas Guys

    + 1 Merry Christmas!
  10. Ipod / Mp3

    jgriff, Thanks a lot for the info, just found out what I'll be doing over boxing day! Cheers,
  11. Ipod / Mp3

    jgriff, Thanks for the reply! I have the male to male so I'll give it a go. Just wondering now if the Ford leads are any better, or just the same sort of thing? Thanks again!
  12. Ipod / Mp3

    Hi all, Bought a second hand (08) Style 1.8 TDCi recently and have read about the MP3 jack in the glove box. I have this in mine, is it a simple case of getting male to male jack to connect it up and turn the stereo to Aux? Also any benefit in getting the Ford connector (I think at about £20?), are there any differences?? As I understand it all the controls are still used on the iPod to select and skip tracks? Any reply gratefully received! Thanks, Ben
  13. Lol! Sounds like you've got it sorted this time! I'll stick the BG244 in next fill up, so being off for christmas now could be a few weeks! Nothing overly wrong, so not expecting too much of a difference but might help if there is any carbon build up, I'll repost if there is any noticeable change. Merry Christmas!!
  14. Ha! Knew I'd get the name wrong, you're right, it is BG244! I think that'll be the next move as the flooding option seems a little too drastic a measure for someone as incompetent as me!! Just read your Kia cee'd update. Sounds like a car worth looking into next, never really thought about it before, but looks like a good option with the 7 year warranty. Thanks for the replies!
  15. Jeebowhite, Thanks for the reply! Agree on the sludge in tank issue. I guess my only option is to try and not run too low on fuel. I did have a look at some of the additives you put in the fuel tank, but none really looked like the answer! (Although saying that I was tempted by a product called BK244 which claims it cleans the carbon build up in the engine, might give it a go anyway...?!!). Just going to have to not go below 1/4 of a tank and keep the fingers crossed! Although its an 08 so hopefully not too much in there and was a genuine case of being run too low by the garage Einsteins......