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  1. Mazda 121 Questions

    ok i've spent a fair amount of time on the net trying to compare prices on the temp senders and sensors but there dont seem to be a clear difference - has anyone got a part number for 1. the temp gauge sender 2. the coolant temp sensor - its for a 1.3 endura e engine 1998 fiesta ;) ( mazda 121 ) :P
  2. Mazda 121 Questions

    thanks for the reply fella - yea i think i'll get the leak sorted before i look at the temp prob - tbh i think there are two different sensors as far as i can see - the coolant temp sender which is in a coolant pipe at the back of the engine and a coolant sensor which is on the lower part of the inlet manifold - the sender is the gauge controller and the sensor is the fan controller - hope your heaters work as well as mine do now ;)
  3. Mazda 121 Questions

    get on ebay fella just type in fiesta heater control valve there are quite a few to chose from - i got one around £9 inc delivery the ones from ford are around £35 i think - worked a treat - all you got to do is find the unit - its sitting in the scuttle panel between the wipers - two pipes going into it from the engine and two goin out into the heater matrix - unclip the wiring connector and the pipes the unit is just clipped onto the bulkhead - pull it free then stick the new one in connect the pipes and the wiring - job done - simples took me around 15 mins start to finish - just note the pipe locations in and out - and dont do what i did when replacing the rubber cover a day or so later as i somehow unclipped the wiring and the heaters only blew hot lol a quick check sorted this tho good luck mate - i can find the firms name and address if you want edit - the seller is t7design the item number is 190604060524 - its gone up as well its now £9.49 with £2.99 delivery - but they were really quick - i ord it on a mon night and it was there wed morn by the way my temp gauge briefly worked for a couple of days as well before going back to its original position of laying flat - it got just up to the n in normal - would this point to the sender or the connection in the back of the dials ?
  4. Mazda 121 Questions

    cheers for the reply mate - had the haynes this morning but aint had time to have a good look at it - the water seems to be coming from the pully that goes into the top part of the sump - would this be the oil pump ? must be dripping down onto it from somewhere else - yea the temp bypass makes me think this was the reason as well - pumps seem cheap enough online but it seems to be working ok so i might just give the gasket a try and see how that goes
  5. Mazda 121 Questions

    well i replaced the heater control valve today - worked a treat and the heaters are now warm enough to strip paint lol but now i've noticed the coolant level has gone down a fair bit and i can see drips coming out of what i assume is the water pump - its on the lower part of the engine and the drips seem to be coming from where it meets the block - could it just be the gasket has gone or will i need to do the pump as well and would it be worth doing the belt at the same time ? i've got a haynes manual on its way as i speak so i'll be able to find out if its def the water pump - again cheers for any replies/help
  6. Mazda 121 Questions

    one more question guys - would bypassing the eng temp sensor make the fan run costantly ? the people who i bought it off said it had had the headgasket changed recently so i'm wondering if they bypassed this in an attempt to stop the car overheating - the fan kicks in as soon as the ignition is turned to the first position i'm a member of another car forum and loads of guys ask for advice on other types of cars on there so i thought it would be ok on here - dont go having a falling out over this guys lol - mind you , general chat does state - chat about anything not ford related . ;)
  7. Mazda 121 Questions

    ahh right , thats why its got gauge - warm , on it then thanks mate lenny ok fella no probs lol
  8. Hi

    cheers mate - i'm also on the 106owners club and i'm hoping i can get as much advice on here that i've had off there :D
  9. Mazda 121 Questions

    by the way its not 121 questions about mazdas the title looks a bit confusing lol - it might turn out it actually is 121 questions as i haven't sat down and counted them - tho i think its only about three lol - anyway i digress - i've just aquired a mazda 121 's' reg 1998 - i've been looking on a well known internet auction site for a haynes manual but there don't seem to be any cheap ones around , which of the fiesta ones will be ok to use ? - also it seems to have no heat coming out of the vents just cold air , after a quick check online it looks like i'll be getting a heater control valve but anyone with a suggestion how i could refurb the one i've got ? - also i recieved an emissions sheet with the mot cert and on the bottom it says , note : the engine oil temp bypassed - gauge warm , any idea why they might have done this ? the engine temp gauge needle just sits there and doesn't move no matter how long its been driven - any help/advice will be welcomed - phil
  10. Hi

    hi signed up - just got myself a mazda 121 lol - as far as i can make out its a fiesta , and as i cant find any mazda 121 owners clubs for advice i'm hoping if i need any then i'll be able to get it here - by the way i work in fords in bridgend so i've got a bit of fords in my blood - off to see if i can find help already lol