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  1. I need to replace my sat nav antenna on my '08 Focus Titanium. I know that it is probably located on top of the instrument cluster. I can access the back of the head unit to unplug the Fakra connector, and can trace the pathway of the cable, but i am not sure what is the easiest way to get to the top of the cluster. I was wondering if the storage compartment on top of the dashboard could be removed to enable access. Any ideas guys and gals?
  2. Yes. It does seem like it is the gps antenna that is the problem, when i compare it to similar problems that people have had on here and other Focus forums. But it appears that most of their problems where resolved by replacing the aerial base which included the gps antenna, unfortunately mine appears to be elsewhere.
  3. Thanks, i'll give it a go and see what i can find. Its pretty frustrating when everything works with the sat nav, apart from the fact that it hasn't got a clue were you are. Which makes it useless i suppose!
  4. So the cable running down my screen, behind the interior mirror, to the object stuck on my heated screen in the safe area is definately the rain sensor. Is the head unit easy enough to remove? I cant find any of the keys that you insert to withdraw it.
  5. I have a 2008 Focus Titanium with the Travelpilot FX sat nav installed. At present i have a no gps message displayed when in the navigation function and the system is unable to recognise the location. I have been led to believe, by a ford auto electrician, that if i replace the aerial base it will resolve the problem. The issue i have is that my aerial base is the none sat nav one, so does that mean that my gps aerial is located on the screen. I thought that it was the rain sensor that is stuck to the screen below my interior mirror. Am i wrong, and if so how do i replace the gps aerial, or is it still the aerial base causing the problem. Confused!