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  1. Hi guys and thanks for looking . Does anyone on here know anyone who can fix a bonnet lock that isn't turning .I'm in the lanarkshire area and willing to pay what it takes thank you .
  2. any answers guys and i been told there isnt a relay in my car for the wipers
  3. hi guys , im having a problem with the above front screen wipers they sometimes continue to wipe even when the car is turned off, i think it may be a relay switch of some sort , as you know im medical trained not a mechanic so any suggestions welcome, i dotn have meters to measure or so and no little about cars so im thinkin may be better to get a relay that is suitable for it and try that . i could take it to the garage but i am so busy the now with things and going away i thought iwoudl try this myself , would any of you know the part number i need and where the relay switch is situated and if possible a seller of them , thanks in advance singer61
  4. singer61

    Ford Focus Mk 2.5 Jack And Spare Tyre Setup

    see if this info helps you m8
  5. singer61

    Scottish Help

    thanks arthur m8 there is a prob withthe warranty as it hasnt been stamped and ford not willin to honour it so im tryin to fix that problem the now just my !Removed! luck
  6. singer61

    Scottish Help

    hi guys im here in lanarkshire uddingston and wondered if there was any reccomendations for a guy or garage to have a look at my courtesy light stayin on all the time unless i put it to off and doesnt work when im entering car thanks singer61
  7. singer61

    Ford Focus 2010 40 000 Miles

    cheers nigel m8 appreciatte it
  8. hi guys , can anyone tell me what type of service is required on this car to keep up its service history it had one done at 12000 miles and 26 ooo miles its now at 40 000 i dont know what type of service to get to keep up with warranty and so , would it be interim or full service thank you singer
  9. singer61

    Ford Focus 2.5 Headlights

    just had a look at the manual and found the position of the fuses , now i believe my main beams the ones that come full on are working the ones that blind people when on ,if thats right sorry if i am so newbie at this , i guess it is my dipped beams i am talking about , i think it odd that the two should go at the same time , fuses i mean , or even bulbs , it is 2 separate fuses for the headlights left and right side , it is stil under warranty do yo thnk i should take it to garage and let them have a look at it m8
  10. singer61

    Ford Focus 2.5 Headlights

    think i have the manual somewhere if i can find , i hear the clicking noise coming from ,i believe ,the glove compartment would i be right m8 and do u know what one the fuse is
  11. singer61

    Ford Focus 2.5 Headlights

    hi guys wonder if any of you can give ne some pointers , just went down to shops tonite and noted my headlights not working , both of them , when i turn the know to put them on i hear a clicking noise , is it not unusual the 2 of them to go bust at same time or would it be a fuse or some sort , and any idea on a price of a fix , im in lanarkshire area and if anyone knows of a garage that can have a look with good reputation i would be much obliged , or is it easy to put in new bulbs remembering im a medical person not a mechanic lol thanks singer61
  12. singer61

    New Focus Power Fold Mirrors

    wickwick m8, i had previously pug 407 sport with power mirrors and all thru that last winter here in scotland they never had a prob opening or closing. singer61
  13. singer61


    hi m8 welcome to the place singer61
  14. singer61

    How To Mark Posts Read

    cheers m8 appreciatte the reply singer61
  15. oh thank feck i thought 5 days old and im gonna have a prob lololol i know nothing about cars though and thanks so much for your quick and succinct replies guys singer61