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  1. Thanks for your responses guys. I guess if there is no reason not to, I might try half a tank to see if it makes any difference. . Mike
  2. Good Morning Lenny. Hey that me me smile. and it brought back meories of a certain trip I made to France, Germany & Denmark in a transit with a 45 gal drum filled with the coloured stuff. A real Low fuel cost trip ! Aah those were the days. Anyway, thanks again for the humour now I better get back to some work. On the computor today as it's tipping with rain.
  3. Hi I have a 2003 Mondeo 2.0 TDCI Automatic. I have been running on the regular grade of Diesel and wondered if a swich to the higher priced grade would be better for the engine, ecconomy and performance. Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks, Mike
  4. Would switching to the premium grade fuel help ? Thinking of doing it as I have same prob. Mike
  5. My speedo stopped working and seatbelt warning - I have posted the problem - have seen the suggestion that the battery may not be 100% i.e have a dead cell or two .... might be worth a look refards, Mike
  6. Whats the setup on a 2003 2.0 TDCI automatic ? thanks, mike
  7. Hi all, I have a 2003 TDCI 2.0 automatic. What grade of fuel is best for this model ? I am using regular grade but wonder if there are advantages in using the higher priced grade. I also often drive in France and Spain and wonder what is best in those countries. Any suggestions welcome. Mike
  8. Forgot to mention that at the same time the seatbelt warning fails to work (goodie !)
  9. How can that be ? Enough power to start the car but not enough to power the speedo ?? !! What about the power output from the alternator ? Confused as I have the same problem. Perhaps I better do a voltage check on the battery first.............. thanks, Mike