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  1. Ford Ka is all done :) olympic blue, very nice.

  2. New And Desperately Seeking Mk1 Fez Bits!

    Hi, Have you got any pictures of your Mk1? :) My Partner has got a lot of things from his Mk1 He's got a bonnet boot, doors, dash Head lights, etc The List gose on But not a front pannel but if any of them are handy to you just ask :)
  3. Wtf Is Up With This Roundabout?!

    Thats Ridcoulous
  4. Ford Ka

    Ye Ive Looked Everywhere, Just Wondered if anyone on here had any, :) Thanks Anyway, Jess
  5. Ford Ka

    Hi, Just Wondering if anyone is selling any ford Ka headlights or know of anywhere i can get some? Jess,
  6. Mk Mondeo Rusty Rear Arches

    Hi, They is no cure for rust it will always come back but you can prolong it, £700 is far to expensive for to arches, should be looking at £200 -£300 pound if that.
  7. Faulty Heater

    You may have a air lock and also the heater control valve are common to pack up on them.
  8. The Oil feed pressure pipe could of blown its seals causing opil to go in to the turbo and down your exaust manifolds is they any smoke coming out of the exaust?
  9. Noise From The Engine...

    HI there, It may not be your gearbox halfords may of disturbs the driveshafts (cv joints) whilst removing the gear box which can make your car click at different speeds. Hope This Is Helpful
  10. Can't Wait For The Ford Ka To Be Sprayed!!

  11. Hello

    Hi Everybody Im new to this owners club so ust trying to find my way round,