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  1. Condensation on inside of windscreen

    Cos I was hoping you being male, you would be mechanically minded !! LOL Shouldn't assume such things really - my fella isn't and the chap I spoke to in my local Ford dealership didn't seem to be either.
  2. Condensation on inside of windscreen

    Un-mechanicly minded female here - how could I check that?
  3. Condensation on inside of windscreen

    Nope, have run my hands over all carpets and matting - all dry. Have also checked round the edges of windscreen to see if I could feel any draughts - nothing. It's not a major problem but its bugging me !! Really annoying seeing people coming out of work, get into really old cars and just driving off - yet I'm sat there like a lemon for 5 mins drying my windows off. Was thinking of resorting to using some sort anti-fog treatment. Has anyone used Comma ProVision Fog Clear Gel? Would appreciate any views people have on this product.
  4. Condensation on inside of windscreen

    No, not set to recirculate. AirCon on cold until windscreen clears and then switch aircon off and turn the heat up a bit until I get home.
  5. Now that the cold weather has set in, I'm having a really annoying problem with condensation on the inside of my windscreen. Never the side windows, just the windscreen. It doesn't happen on a morning but when I get back into my car on a night after work, I'm having to put the aircon on full, the heated windscreen on and then wait approx 5 mins for it to clear before driving off. Drivers side headlight also condensing up on inside - not sure whether its related. Have owned Ford's since I started driving and never had this problem before. Car is a 1.8 zetec, registered in Jan 2007. Went to my local Ford dealer today, explained the problem to him and the response I got was "its just one of those things, my modeo does the same.". He then asked if I do lots of short journeys. During the week it only travels 1.5 miles to work, then 1.5 miles back - so the answer is yes. He said that was the problem. I said I'd always done the same trip in my old Fords and never had a problem. He shrugged his shoulders. Am I being fobbed off here? Does anyone else agree that this shouldn't happen? Any help/advice would be much appreciated.