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  1. another central locking question

    I took one of the keys apart once to repair as the electric connection inside became loose. You can open it and then get to the small electronic part, you need to be brave but I then saw that it needed to be resoldered, that said I think it was only one of the buttons that had stopped working. Also I think sometimes you have to reprogram the key to the car, not sure on yours how to do it maybe the Ford dealer could explain.
  2. Condensation on inside of windscreen

    Are the floor mats or carpet wet? do you have a leak, maybe try leaving a blow heater to dry the inside of the car for an hour or so then see if the problem is as bad.
  3. Is it the Diesel pump

    Not not yet and thanks for the comments, the garage the car was taken to initially is in my opinion not very good. So I will pass your comments on and I think that he should get the car to a diesel garage. I found one near to him called Hampshire Diesel Services and would hope that they will know all the things to check, TY
  4. Is it the Diesel pump

    Hello, My son has a 2000 1.8TDI Focus and it just stopped. Wouldn't start so a local garage looked at it and said he thinks it is the diesel pump but not sure. He said when he primed the engine it started, so I feel that this must rule out immobiliser problems. Then quoted a figure of £3000 to sort, I rang one seller of units who said a reconditioned unit is £475 and about £150 to fit. Then I read another question where the pump was changed and the car still didn't start. Anyone have advice and is it hard to change the pump yourself? Many thanks