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  1. Alright mate,

    I think i posted a reply on here but dont know if u got it....basically have exactly the same problem u had - ABS and handbrake light, engine warning light and lost speedo...pretty intermittent but recently havent worked for weeks....did u ever get a solution to it? All ppl seem to offer are various possibilities...


  2. 55 Reg Fiesta 1.25 ABS warning light intermittent

    I drove the car around on occasion to try and replicate the problems, typically all was fine. My wife got in the car today and almost instantaneously the problems started. Speedometer does not work. Mileometer does not work ------- Displayed ABS light on and ABS does not work. Handbrake light on ?????? Engine management light on but was not straight away. The car drives perfectly normal Nothing adds up.....where has the handbrake light come from and the engine management? If it was the ABS system, would these come on? Are ABS and Engine management on separate systems or could one trigger another. If it was the cluster, why would the ABS not work? Can anyone shed some light and help ascertain where I should look next. Cannot find any evidence of anything broken corroded without stripping stuff out now. Vehicle Speed Sensor or Wheel Sensor???????(Hand Brake light I think might be the key here)
  3. 55 Reg Fiesta 1.25 ABS warning light intermittent

    Thanks for the replies guys, your input is appreciated. I will start with the basics as you suggest starting with the wheels and brakes. I think I will also get a Haynes manual so I can locate the ABS components and inspect them and trace the wiring where possible. It is annoying where symptoms are not necessarily caused by the system throwing up the problem. Thx again for your replies, I will start this project tomorrow and keep you up to date should I come across anything.
  4. sorry, i double posted, please can someone delete this thread? THX
  5. Hi all I have browsed the forum but cannot find anything which sort of fits my issue with my wifes Fiesta. The problem is as follows: The ABS light comes on intermittently, can be on from the start of driving or can come on after 30 mins or so. It may go off during the journey or it may not. It may happen daily or may stay off for days. (very intermittent) Sometimes the Engine management light may accompany the ABS light, other times not. Occasionally the Speedo will not work. I have done the dashboard diagnostic test but this throws up the following Speedo does not sweep to conpletely - just jumps a little then rests back all appears ok with everything else except I get DTC codes E200 E197 and D262 RPM appears to be about right even with warning lights on other than that everything else seems OK I had a Diagnostic done by a garage. They got an ABS communication error but said this could mean a few things and not necessarily a faulty module, i.e. bad earth, damaged wiring. I have spoken to many garages and there are lots of ideas obviously which does not help. I have narrowed it down to a few things I think are likely based on my own knowledge and what people have suggested. 1 Ford just want to replace the Instrument cluster. Nice one Ford. £200+ for the cluster then a couple of hours fitting. (I can remove the instrument cluster in less than a minute - therefore I do not trust them) Focus had an issue where moisture would get in the cluster, i have checked this scenario. The PCB's are clean and moisture free, no evident damage, loose components etc. 2 Vehicle speed sensor fault which may give ABS warning and speedo issues. 3 Faulty ABS module - but where does this fit in with the speedo issue and engine management light coming on? Ford also wanted to replace this!!!! 4 ABS sensor at the wheels. 5 Bad earth or faulty/damaged wiring. The only other thing which may have been a contributing factor was the problems arose since a recent service. ordinarily I would not expect a garage to service brakes on a normal service. This garage does, and from experience they always do a good complete job. Better than a dealer service from experience. Would this fit in with any scenario I have given above? Once when I was driving the car to get the problem to occur there was a strange noise from the Drivers front brake as if the ABS had actuated. The ABS light then came on. I am in a quandry, I have not got thousands of pounds to throw at it to just replace ABS systems and clusters. I do not trust dealers, they just want to grab your money and performthe biggest jobs they can fool you into. I am not as green as I am cabbage looking and I have had a number of experiences where dealers have tried to stiff me. i.e. Your catalytic converter has gone sir - Errm i dont think so, the noise is there, the cat is there I just dont have the tools to repair the problem. Thanks but no thanks. I would be able to complete a good range of work myself along with my fitter friend, but I don't have the Fords diagnostic computer. They want £80 which I find astonishing. The only problem is unless the car is showing errors it may not even indicate any errors during the diagnostics. The car has driven for two days now with no problem. Could it be to do with the weather and moisture. I may need to keep it in my garage for now which means parking my scooby outside!!!!!!!!!not sure about that one LOL! Hopefully someone may be able to say Yeah check this or check that. If I dont ask I will never know. Kind Regards ANDY TOWNY