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  1. Spare Wheel

    I've gone with the following solution - Ordered the same wheel used on my S-Max (17" 5 spoke alloy) from FordOnlineParts (best price - £137.48) - http://www.fordonlineparts.co.uk/product/Ford_S-Max_17%27%27_5-spoke_Alloy_Wheel_-_2006-2010_-_1440630_F1440630-643 Ordered a 28" diameter cover for it from Amazon (£7.78) - http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B001I2NXXU. Its a bit too big but was the closest fit I could find. Plan to order a 225/50 R17 98W tyre as normally used on my car from somewhere - havent decided yet. Probably Kwik Fit or similar - so they can do the fitting Will then place the wheel / tyre combo in boot horizontally and strap down using luggage strap points behind middle seat and rear of boot. Plan to cut plywood to the same diameter as the tyre and place this on top of spare wheel and then top of with the cover. May also cut holes in the ply to allow straps to pass through - not sure this would work though. This would help to minimise the loss of space by allowing the spare wheel to be used as a shelf.
  2. SMAX Spare wheel

    I've tried to use the puncture repair kit (as supplied with the car from new) and it was hopeless. The puncture caused the tyre to deflate in about 10 mins and after using the repair kit for 7 mins (recommended initial use) - the tyre had only inflated to 13 psi and was flat again in less than 10 minutes. After using the kit - you are restricted to a max of 50 mph and can only use the tyre for a max of 125 miles before it has to be replaced. So - I'm also thinking seriously of a spare wheel option. I've made some approx measurements which may be of help - 17" alloys with 225/50 R17 98W tyres - Diameter of wheel & Tyre - 65.7 cm Width of same - 22.5 cm Small rear most seats within 7 seater - Width - 57 cm Height - 60 cm Gap behind top of seats 6 & 7 (when raised) to closed rear door Side - about 20 cm Middle (of car) - about 25 cm The thinking (so far) - 1. Strap spare wheel / tyre horizontally to one of flattened seats 6 or 7 (would be offset) ensuring strap strong enough to hold weight of wheel in a sudden stop - perhaps use 2 straps! 2. Use an elasticated cover for spare wheel with inserted board to ensure top profile is flat and can be usable for shopping etc Alternatively - 1. Use dedicated strapping brackets at rear of boot and behind middle seat 2. Take straps from either end under horizontal wheel - inverted u shape through wheel spokes to other end 3. and then back in the opposite direction and ratchet strap to itself to secure Dont normally need to use seats 6 & 7 but if do - 1. Looks as if spare wheel should fit behind both these seats at the centre of the rear door (but not sides) 2. Not sure if practical to leave loosened straps in place as would affect comfort / safety of passenger using the seat OR adapt strapping to use both boot strapping points Any thoughts on the practicality of this ?