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  1. Stupid question I'm sure, but no idea where to look I have focus st170, the leather bit on the gear knob has dropped down from the gear knob I'm assuming there is a clip or something I can buy to attach them again? But no idea where to buy or whether it's easy to fit Any ideas? Cheers
  2. Cool thanks. Is it easy to replace and/or test? Could I bypass or something (for testing purposes)? Do you know of an instance where this has failed and given issues like I'm experiencing? Sorry for all the questions and thanks for your help :)
  3. Sorry for late replies, I didn't get notifications :( Btmaldon - where do I find this switch/sensor? You had this before? Stef123 - no when it clicks off the cold air goes back to air temperature just like the air con is off. It's not "chilled" I could order refurb or 2nd hand compressor but need to be 100% really Thx for help. I'll check forum more frequent,ly now I know notifications not working Cheers
  4. I have a 93 ST170. The air con went warm so I got it filled. As I left garage (owned by mate) it wasn't working. They assumed leaking and checked, no leaks. They tried the next day, working. Turns out the clutch on air con compressor engages, but disengages sometimes for no obvious reason. When I was talking to mechanic it 'clicked' off, air con stopped, then it 'clicked on', by itself. I could hear it. My car isn't climate controlled They say best to source reconditioned compressor as prob not serviceable, but to ask online 1. Any ideas of why it would do it, and is it fixable? 2. If I need to buy one, where from & how much? Thanks guys
  5. Yeah could look at Civic forum, but then need to ask the guys there who's driven an ST ... Want someone ideally who's driven/owned both for comparisoon, rather than just a review of a civic Thx
  6. I'm pretty sure the wheels are standard - I'll get a pic The car isn't modified in any other way, so unlikely it's lowered How high should the front tyres be from the wheel arch as standard? Thx
  7. I chose an ST (ST170 Mk1) over Civic Type-R (2.0 Mk1) last month as the insurance for the Civic would have killed my bank balance (following car accident and 6 points from motorbike), plus the Civic cost more. I have my ST and love it - so all good there I was thinking, perhaps in teh summer if I have spare cash (and on't buy new bike) of swapping ST for the Civic of the same age. I was assuming that they'd be almost identical in performace until he vtec kicks in when the Civic would pull away. I would imagine handling would be similar. Is the Civic as torquey as the ST? (I've only owned a 1.6 CR-X vtec and that did f**k all until 5000 RPM) Has anyone owned both a Mk1 ST and Mk1 Type-R ... both around 2003 - if so any comments/comparisons? Thanks
  8. When I corner hard on my 2003 Focus ST I notice the front o/s wheel rubbing on the arch. I also get it when cornering on a left hand bend on bumpy road (over bridges etc). It does it with just me in the car. Suspension feels fine. I think it's standard susension. I have brand new tyres (I think R17/45). It does it on front left but not as bad. Car handles fine. Nothing to worry too much about I don't think, just annoying Ideas appreciated. Front wheel arch seems lower than the rear. 1" gap rather than 2" at a guess Thanks
  9. I have a 2003 Focus ST170 fitted with a 6000CD RDS stereo. It is CD changer compatible, but doesn't have one fitted. I want to have MP3s either by USB or iPod, and don't want to change the unit if possible. I also want the stalk on the steering wheel to control the track selection, rather than having to fiddle with an iPod and radio conection. I have been recommended the IPV3009 (http://www.celsusice.co.uk/shopdisp_3851.php) which says it will allow track selection. 1. Has anyone tried this (or equivalent) and have feedback for me? 2. Will it allow me to control the iPod via the stalk, and if so will I be able to choose the album/folder then track? 3. Will it pause/turn off the iPod when I turn the ignition off? (i.e. can I put it in the glove box and forget about it) 4. Will it work with all iPods (was thinking of getting a Nano as I can pick an 8Gb up for £39.99) 5. Don't suppose anyone has a wiring diagram and part numbers for the connectors? ;) 6. Is there an equivalent (cheaper) one that works via the CD changer interface and a USB memory stick? Thanks guys
  10. I have a focus ST170 (2003). currently has a double height factory CD player and radio. I'm happy with this all except there is no USB stick or even audio in I know I could buy aftermarket, but the ford one is ok, and I know I'll need new mounts, and adapters etc. Plus not sure if it'll work with control behind steering wheel Is there a modern equivalent that will plug straight in, that has USB or audio input? If I know the part number I could eBay it and plug & play Any ideas please? Thanks :)
  11. Thx mate. Unfortunate feeling it's the clutch. Bugger it's Sunday tmr as garage shut Cheers :)