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  1. Love it !!!!! What a car. nice to see it gets used too I love to see something different I have a 1929 model a pick up I have been building for about 4 years now ,seeing these pics makes me want to pull my finger out and get a move on with her she is not standard in any way shape or form but I like her
  2. ging


    They came from my local wheel shop so if they break they will be taken back they have been on for about 10 months and passed an mot in August so no trouble yet I have a set of oz supers 18 inch wheels too I'm gona refurb when I get the chance
  3. You will find it hard on that sort of budget tbh spend double and you can get an mp4 DVD player with Bluetooth off ebay nothing spectacular but does the job really well they used to come with a firer rear camera too but check the Bluetooth receiver comes with it not an extra cost
  4. ging

    A Good Place To Get Top Up Paint?

    I do body repair for a living and for that repair I would charge £200 plus the vat but I'm miles away from you I would want it over night too (eg Friday morning drop Saturday collection) if that gives you any idea of cost only going off what I see in the picture hope it helps also chase the bus company as I just repaired a Kia hit by an arriva bus and they paid out for it
  5. ging


    I try I know mods are not every body's cup of tea but I work in the trade and like my cars to be different my niegbour likes mine so much he has just got an 09 tdci one but in black
  6. ging

    Urgent - Strange Noise At 2000 Rpm

    What's the mileage and has it had the belts and replaced with full new complete kits mine used to intermantly whistle or squeal so to speak when under load (acceleration) didn't do it for long it spat the belt off at tick over and took out the top end of the engine . booked it in at the garage soon as it started and a week later it failed mine is a petrol bare in mind . once it was moving it stopped making the noise I was devostated the belt was £23 at the time and tensioner was £65 rebuild cost me best part of £2000 I had only had the car 5 months at the time always worth a look
  7. ging


    Hello all haven't been on for a while ,been very so busy with work and other projects I hardly have time to think made a couple more upgrades to my motor since I was last on . here are a couple of pics of the new outer look of the car once I rebuilt the motor etc. I haven't had many problems to be honest ,it's running a ported and polished 225 st head and turbo charger. the eom dump valve has been removed with a puma speed kit and replaced with an lam motor sport one ,full silicone blue hose kit and alloy pipeing kit . bigger inter cooler . my new stainless turbo back exhaust has now come and will be fabricated to fit soon as I get a minuet also got myself a set of bigger injectors on order should be here soon then it can have the map played with . all the audio has been replaced with digital componants system 2 amps have been built into the car (they can't be seen stelth ) for better sound as the eom speakers had seen better days and sounded like crap and fitted a DVD set up to keep the kids busy I have had the car about 2 years now and love it to bits just a couple more bits to do befor I give it to the miss so I can run my other toy I have been building
  8. ging

    Hi New To The Forum Need Help!

    pull the head unit out its usualy on the back if not look in your radio manual it may be in there some even come with a radio key card with it on good look if not it will need to be re-coded
  9. ging

    Help Needed Please

    bump any body any surgestions
  10. ging

    Help Needed Please

    a while ago i my s-max started to make a strange noise that turned out to be a buggered turbo look at whats left of the compressor wheel and to realy boggle your brains there was no damage to the compressor housing in any way shape or form oh and it gets better with no warning at all about 3 months ago she was sat ticking over on my drive and decided to spit the aux drive belt off not to big a deal till i took her to work and found she was making no compression when starting turned out the belt had been up the back of the cam belt casing knoked the timing out and compleatly killed all of the inlet valves i was gutted and they say it comes in threes well after spending a small fortune on a 225st head that had done 21k and the turbo that goes with it a puma speed dump valve blanking plate as i think it may be what killed the old turbo a lma alloy dumpvalve to replace it with a larger intercooler with all new alloy pipe work and silicone hoses to go with a new k&n panel filter and a new set of wheel and tyers to finish it off i have put it all together and ther seems to be a problem the cam shaft pully seems to have spun on the inlet and exhaust cams so there is no interfirance between the piston and valves and she still wont start after spending 4 hours on the phone to many ford dealers i was told that they do not rebuild this motor they just fit a new one at a cost of my sole in this life and the nxt not satisfied at this i spent even morew time on the phone to be told that there is a tool that you can buy to aligne the cam pullys to the shaft result it is a fortune to buy but im looking at 4-8 weeks for delivery can any body advise me of any way that i can time the pullys to the shafts without this tool i know where the timing marks are to aligne the two together but the one on the shaft is covered when the pully is fitted and the exhaust pully needs to be ste to 15degree retarded when fitted and the inlet needs to be fitted at 25degree retarded now with out the tool im in need of some ideas as to how to do it acuratley any surgestion here are a couple of pics of the car befor she died and a pic of what remains of the turbo cartridge i will post pics of the new bits and peices once i get her running again
  11. ging

    smax official trouble topic

    hi as some of you know i have had a couple of problems with my turbo on the 2.5 st bus but that is the least of hger worries a mounth ago she spat off the aux drive belt with no worning while tiking over on my drive sounds like nothink till i got her down to work the belt went round the cam belt and knocked out the timming bent all the valve and made a big mess i found when i stripped her down completely recked the motor gutted
  12. dont quote me on it but i think that they used the garrett gt15 now if i was in your shoes i would be looking at a more reliable unit to put in into its place if the gt 15 was used then you should be able to put a gt25 in its place if i remember rightley they are a slightly bigger unit this would give you a little more turbo lag but should be more reliable and produce the boost alitle better too also you can get a brand new one from ebay for less than £400 not a reconditoned unit also they use the same flanges etc on the turbo so very little modification will be needed to fit it
  13. ging

    Dent Cost?

    ok so i build historic race cars for a living for example the lotus cortina that was on kent cams stand at the nec last year all the body work was done by me and a gent that i work with also the dacar yellow capri that belongs alan sumerscales that was in classic for magazine was done by us, a respray at our place will set you back 2300k for a colour change that is to show car standered full strip down doors off the lot now for the rear bumper boot and a rear quater panel we would charge no more than £350 inc vat for the dent and col code and scuff to bumper and quater repairing we spend on adverage 90 hours on a colour change respray as a minimum
  14. glad to hear you got on ok i work on all makes and models of car so its hard to remember them all exact but at least you got it done lol
  15. ging

    Focus St170

    sorry you miss understand me is the st170 turbo charged? i always thourgh that they were a naturally asperated engine (non turbo)