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  1. Focus Door Handle

    Howdy Folks, Bit of a long shot, hoping someone can help on this: Have a 1999 Focus Zetec, old but still running great. Have a problem with the Door Handle on the Rear Passenger Door (rear doors are non-electic and no central locking in car) The problem is the door handle no longer opens the door from outside. The locking mechanism still works as you can open and lock the door from inside Its alomost like the connection between the external door handle and the locking mechanism is gone as the external door handle is completely loose Any ideas on what type of connection has broken between them? is it an expensive part or expensve fix? are there any images or drawings available on this area? Thanks in advance, Pablo
  2. Newbie With Questions

    Thanks for the welcome lads, First question posted here Cheers
  3. Engine Noise

    Howdy folks, 1st post – apologies for the long post. I have a 2010 Focus Style 1.6tdci (approx. 16months now) basic model I clock up a fair bit of mileage between commuting and driving up and down the country. But this is mainly motorway driving not stop-go-stop all the time, I've read through plenty of forums and have come across a lot of cases that this car is known to be loud on the road. So I was aware of the road noise (the road noise from the tyres etc.) Anyway, my question is related to engine noise. Over the past two weeks I've noticed the engine becoming louder/nosier, but it only gets noisy when I go above 60-70kph(40-45mph) and as I accelerate the noise becomes louder 100-120kph (2000-2500rpm) So when I’m on a dual-carriageway/motorway this noise is very loud and need to have the radio loud to somewhat dampen the noise. Now it is hard to describe the noise, hope I can explain it correctly…. It’s not a buzzing or rattling noise but more like a humming noise that gets louder as I accelerate Once or twice last week it did shudder as I was slowing down coming off a motorway. I’m wondering could the noise be down to blocked filters or something or exhaust I’ve read suggestions on other forums that say it could be exhaust related or belt rubbing?? I should also note that it received its 2nd serviced only 2months ago where oil/air filters etc. were all changed. So, just wondering would anyone have any suggestions or any experience as to what may be the cause. Cheers Pablod
  4. Hi Everyone, New to the forums, but long time reader I have a 2010 Focus Style 1.6tdci and have a few questions Hope to get some feed back on the issus Cheers Pablod