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  1. Detachable Towbar - 2012 Focus Estate?

    Having got some quotes yesterday, me thinks its time for a rethink! £550 to supply and fit a Witter detachable tow bar and single electrics, but then you have to take the car to a Ford dealer to have a "update" on the CanBus system. How much do you think the dealership would charge to do this, simple 5 minute job? £106.....the robbing swine's!
  2. Detachable Towbar - 2012 Focus Estate?

    Sorry, but I never been a huge fan of these type of carriers. I had one once and it was more hassle than it was worth. I just want to clamp a carrier on and be away with the least amount of bother as possible!
  3. Has anyone got a new shape Focus estate fitted with a detachable tow bar (or even a normal one would suffice) that could post a couple of pictures please? I am seriously thinking of getting one fitted just to transport bikes about, expensive option I know, but I don't like the idea of three/four bikes on the roof! And having come from a Mondeo estate, I've now lost 300mm interior length.
  4. Ford Smart Service Plan

    Back on topic, I have just had a revised service plan, nothing to pay up front, then £19 per month for 30 months. That will then give me the next three services plus the first MOT, plus 10% discount any parts used or accessories purchased, plus 20% discount on tyres, so done deal as far as I am concerned
  5. Ford Smart Service Plan

    Interesting thread this. I have also just looked at taking out a three year service plan on my 2012 Focus 1.6 petrol EcoBoost I have been quoted a total cost of £715.26 for three years worth of main dealer servicing, a saving of £106.74 if I paid annually apparently? But I have to pay £186.49 up front, then 23 payments of £22.99 so 'nothing' to pay in the third year. The car was registered Feb this year, an this is the bit that is confusing me, according to the service plan I have to have service in June 2012, then June 2013 and the last one on June 2014?? More confusing still, it also states that the plan includes 3 MOT's......??
  6. My First Warranty Claim

    Useful links thanks, mine is a 1.6 petrol but I presume the problem will be shared across both variants. I have tried to get into the etis link, and I get this error message - Outstanding Field Service Actions MAX NUMBER OF LOGON SESSIONS REACHED, ACCESS TO GOASIS DENIED
  7. My First Warranty Claim

    1300 miles on the clock and the N/S drive shaft oil seal is leaking, only ever so slightly to be fair, but its still leaking never the less. Booked in to be done tomorrow.
  8. Fitting Mud Flaps

    I had the dealer fit mine as part of the deal, but they do look very easy to fit. In fact the front ones are not that strongly held in place to be honest, only really secured by those horrible plastic 'pop in' rivets. So be careful when you are washing the front flaps with a sponge or brush because you can dislodge the lower rivets a bit to easy.
  9. 1.6 Ecoboost Fuel Figures?

    I didnt think that you could turn the mpg display off, unless you mean set it to another reading, say avg speed?
  10. 1.6 Ecoboost Fuel Figures?

    930 miles on the clock now, up to 39mpg, but life is so boring!!
  11. FOC Age group Poll!

    Just turned 53 and still cycle racing, road and track, and still knocking out nearly 300 miles a week training. Your only as old as you feel, but after a really tough 80 mile training ride today, to be honest I feel 93 this evening, let alone 53....
  12. New Mk3 Focus

    Would you believe that I had a puncture on the N/S/R three days after collecting car, and I was told that I would need a new tyre at £190 ! But thankfully they repaired and it only cost me £15. Then two days after that, I had a puncture on the O/S/R, and that was repaired okay as well. Otherwise I could have been nearly £400 out of pocket and a pair of tyres that had done less than 100 miles..... :o
  13. New Mk3 Focus

    1.6 EcoBoost, Titanium X with the larger 18" alloys. But now I have seen the price of the tyres, I wished I hadn't now!
  14. New Mk3 Focus

    It will have been worth the wait, trust me. I ordered mine back in November and I finally took delivery of it three weeks ago
  15. 1.6 Ecoboost Fuel Figures?

    With 500 miles on the clock now, I am bang on 38mpg, hopefully once the engine has loosened up a bit more it should increase?