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  1. Happy Birthday SuperGuitarMan!

  2. Ford Focus Ghia Black 2000

    Hopefully shall add more as I get them and as the car changes (though only slightly, mind) in appearance.
  3. New Member, Drinks Are On Me.....

    Whiskey is brilliant. Nectar from the gods.
  4. So I'm thinking about transformerizing my Focus. Thinking about alloy centre covers, steering wheel badge overlay and outside badges. (all the decepticon symbol) It's a black focus ghia. Any ideas/opinions are welcome, no prattish comments though, cheers!
  5. Mk 1 Parking Lights

    Probably a stupid question, but what does the parking light setting actually do, apart from stop the bonging noise if you leave your lights on and open the door? If indeed it does anything more lol Cheers in advance!!
  6. Well Hello There!

    Oh yeah there she is. Had a look around loads before I found this one, the rest were all nails.
  7. New Member, Drinks Are On Me.....

    hey hows it going? im new too, mine's a gin, or a whisky. (or both if you're feeling generous haha)
  8. Well Hello There!

    Hi there just saying hello, new to this so just making an introduction, i'm Jono and i've just bought a 1.8 Focus Ghia. Perhaps upload photos later. I'm 21 and am studying music production at Leeds Met Uni. REALLY REALLY REALLY want a Capri! Well, thats it for now, cheers!
  9. The Motor

    Soon to be updated with more. And the car will soon be a-changin'.