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  1. 1.3 fiesta clicking behind glovebox.

    Another thing quickly, does anyone know where the relay would be for the fuel pump on my, 1.3 Flight? Because I don't hava clue where to start? Thanks Again ~ John
  2. 1.3 fiesta clicking behind glovebox.

    Yea I think it was, I got a mate of mine to come check it quickly, and he said exactly what you said about the rocker gasket, I sat in neutral the other day and the ticking noise went away, but when im in gear and driving it will come back every 5-8 seconds or so. So I tried revving it in neutral and it starts making the noise, so would this point more towards that the "em relay" has gone/is on its way out then? Thanks for all your help, John
  3. 1.3 fiesta clicking behind glovebox.

    Right...Well if things wasnt bad enough, recently iv noticed that I am getting oil around the ridge of the eingine and where the spark plugs go into the engine oil is building up, and is either dripping down under the top of the engine or there is another leak out of sight. Would this explain the kinda sucking/clicking noise? Cheers for your help, and sorry for my lack of technical ability John
  4. Hello, Iv had a Ford fiesta 1.3 for around 7 months now, all was fine untill the other day i noticed some kind of clicking noise coming from behind the glove box...when the car is in neturel it all seems fine and the noise stops, but when in gear and driving it starts again? The car is due a service but I can't see what part of the car could be causing this noise in this section of the dash/under the bonett. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, John